Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stop Middle East Military Aid Madness--By U.S.

Here's a daring idea: the USA stops all military aid to all
nations in the Middle East--and that includes Israel. We can
continue any  available opportunities to send food and
medicine to anyone around the world who needs it,

Friend or foe, don't send any "mo" guns, planes,
bombs, missiles, etc. That is, if the USA would actually
like to be the "kinder, gentler" nation Bush I mentioned
back in the day, 1988-1992. (Seems eons ago, no?)

Don't chastise me; yes, I realize our armaments industry
employs many here at home--but we can hire these same people
and many more besides to repair our crumbling, third-world
infrastructure. Giving Israel, Egypt, et  al over a billion a
year each in military aid does NOT advance civilization
(i.e., peace) by any rational stretch of the imagination.

Don't remind me about the many key trade agreements,
I'm aware, I'm aware,...but care for life, limb and property
had better become demonstrably more important SOON
or we keep proving we are no better than ants and
meerkats, other animals constantly at war with their
own kind.

Let's stop our  Middle East madness as military
murder suppliers. On to peace accords and
helping the needy!

P.S.: Memo to Mr. Obama: Somebody has to go first.
How sensible is it to accuse the Russkies of Cold War
thinking when WE DO THE SAME? 


  1. Wonderful, logical idea Lady Amber.Makes sense. Sad people like you ,myself, and others are not in power to do it. Also lets stop the supplying of weapons even in our own country. Lady Amber well that is a whole other can of worms to lengthy to go into here.

    Thank you for another , true, deep, For our times blog dear Amber.Be safe, Keep it real, A M A P be happy and enjoy life. Have a LOVELY day!

    1. -Thank you, Commander! Hope your day goes
      well too....

  2. Y w Amber. Day is great. I can tell air quality is poor today . So am in THE COMMANDER! cave. Careful with the air quality outside today Lady Amber.

  3. Y'know something, Amber? I'll bet that retooling the armaments industry toward civilian priorities wouldn't be that difficult.

    We did it on a major scale during and after World War II. However, easier said than done in 2013.

    Romney's trigger finger seemed to be much itchier than Obama's, but still --- it's the ol' lesser-of-two-evils conundrum at work here. At least Obama's not going to march us into Iran, Syria, or Egypt. On the other hand, he is supporting a sanitized, non-troop-involving mode of warfare: by drone!