Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ted Cruz Cannot Serve as President of the United States-Ever

It doesn't matter what his political persuasions are; it doesn't
matter where his parents were born; Ted Cruz, having been
born in Canada, cannot serve as president of the USA. The
definitive answer to this is found in Article II, paragraph five
(NOT to be confused with the Second Amendment) of the
United States Constitution. Some are quoting the Fourteenth
Amendment regarding Mr. Cruz, which DID NOT overturn
Article II's stipulation stating one must be a natural-born citizen
of (in) the United States. Reading all of paragraph five, that
means born in the USA (and I'm not quoting Bruce Springsteen

Haven't our media and our general populace recalled the ongoing
and current immigration/deportation problem, where the mother
is born elsewhere, never became an actual U.S. citizen, but her
children, born HERE, ARE?? Ditto for foreign dads of U.S.-born

Despite any demurs to the contrary, Sen. Cruz  DOES want
to be the next U.S. president. He has said he'll give up his
Canadian citizenship; the constitution is silent on the matter of
dual citizenship, as it wasn't much of an issue when  written.
Taking such action is pointless; it won't gain him entrance to the
White House as its next four-year resident.

By the bye, for the lesser-schooled among us, "natural born" is a
translation used by the Founding Fathers in 1787 of De Natura,
a Latin expression equating to "of, or from nature" in English.
The Founders were opposed to conferring citizenship, the Vice-
Presidency and the Presidency based on the parents' birthplace.
(Yes, some other nations have that system, but we don't.)
Where the mother gives birth geographically is the key...that must
occur here, in one of the 50 states. Please read the Constitution,
especially you video media mavens at the Washington Post,
you're embarrassing yourselves terribly. 

Another point: after seven scant months serving in the U.S.
Senate, who does this guy think he is? After all the shouting
and fear-mongering among the right-wing nuthatches, Ted
included, he hasn't served illustriously or long enough to be
so sure he's entitled and/or all-knowing. But bet on it, the
Koch Brothers are loving this.


  1. Ted Cruz hasn't read the U. S. Constitution itself, or if he has, he retained precious little of it! As cartoon character Bugs Bunny
    had it, "What a maroon!" Further, his dual
    citizenship isn't his problem--our document is
    mum on the subject. Cancelling his Canadian
    citizenship merely further underscores his
    embarrassingly shocking ignorance, not to mention is avid desire to become president.
    Mr. Herman Cain, part two!

    1. Correction--the above should read, "...
      not to mention HIS avid desire..."

  2. Great points Amber. In our current society ANYTHING , ANY ONE like the old nineteen seventies ROLLER DERBY match races, seems to be acceptable to the OUT of it masses.

    ROCKET J SQUIRREL could be CEO of a major company today. Lady Amber, Maybe Rocky the flying squirrel, well you get the picture. Have a Lovely day. Nice to know not all of us are SHEEPLE.

    1. You are funny! Rocket J Squirrel could probably outdo many of the current crop of
      politicians. I'm sorry I was heavy on the "lecture circuit" today, Commander Lester,
      I only mean the best for you--but I am an
      opinionated nag more often than I should be. Thanks for your comments and best wishes, always!