Monday, November 18, 2013

~25 Illinois Tornados: Nature's November Deadly Dance--A New Normal?

Two  striking features stand out about the tornadic tragedy that
swept through central Illinois and other state locations yesterday,
Nov. 17th:

(1) Amid the horrific damage around our state, only six are
confirmed dead. (I pray there aren't any further finds; these are
sad enough.)

(2) Weathermen repeatedly reminded us that these kinds of
storms are rare in November.

Lives were saved because many heeded the forecasts and
took cover when sirens went off--good job, no kidding.


--Will the unlikely become a sort of new normal? --Is this a
consequence of global warming? --Is there a way to accurately
ascertain likely future scenarious since our NOAA satellites
go blind in a few months?

We can't help but stay tuned and informed. These deadly
dances of wind-whirling dervishes are devilish, deadly art,
photo portraits of which are as close as anyone wants to be.


  1. Yes Lady Amber. I feel we all must expect the un expected all the time. I fear we will see more natural and human made disasters each year! I feel there are many reasons for this. Some I feel spiritual and due to the way life and many people choose to live in our times.

    As I ( THE COMMANDER! ) always says , live, love, learn, STAY ALERT ALL THE TIME! Keep our minds firm! God bless. Thank you. Good day! STAY ALERT!

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    1. Mr. N, I removed this as it was an exact duplicate of your comment shown above. Take care, Happy Holidays!

  3. You've presented a very compelling case for reversing the sequestration budget cuts. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration is one agency among many that's been hit hard.

    Are NOAA satellites really going to be decommissioned? I couldn't find any information about this on the NOAA website or anywhere else. If so, there could be tragic consequences.

    1. I think it was a news program with expert talking heads, etc. The sat's aren't being decommissioned, it's that their design life is due to expire in 2014, and no new ones put up until ~2017. This is highly disconcerting in view of all the bad weather ganging up on all of us lately....See you soon, Happy Thanksgiving!