Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'd Be Thankful if These Words Disappeared from Common Usage

Here are words constantly belabored into a meaningless
meld, words which are overused and given to overpraise,
whether about oneself or others:

(1) He or she is "amazing". I hear that easy, therefore mindless,
flattery passed out many times a day. How extraordinary or
outstanding can just about anybody actually be?

(2) "Awesome". This word is related to number (1), but at a
supposedly more exalted level, yet it is far too commonly
used. I save it for God and places like the Grand Canyon,
the Himalayas, the world's oceans, per the original intention.

(3) "Passion."  Here again, a thoughtlessly overused word,
depriving it of its original special meaning. Better to substitute
or describe one's dedication or one's focus more specifically,
rather than insert passion as a quick way to communicate
ardor for a person or a project. With Americans' "passion"
and time given over to fun, what's the hurry, anyway?

(4) --And then there's "fun". So much preoccupation as
to whether one has it, has had it, will have it, and will
there ever be enough of it? Resenting others who seem
to have more of it, ad nauseam. This nation is declining,
let's find fun in pulling it back from the brink!

(5) "Tweak" and "Nuance", two twin trolls of presumed
sophistication, seldom realized but constantly uttered. Once
again, employment by an English speaker of a French word
(nuance) or phrase is not automatic entree into the hallowed
halls of expressional expertise or excellence. (Yikes, I've
stooped to such at times meself....)

You get the drift, if rejecting its import. Still, I'd be thankful
if people would strive to be more thoughtful with their speech.

Meanwhile, I'm deeply thankful for the good things and people
still left on this Earth, and pray they stay so.


  1. Yes!

    I am thankful for My Lord and savior Jesus, Father GOD, ThE Holy spirit AND THE LIVING word of GOD! I am glad TO BE REAL, NON FAKE,ME. TO BE alive! To be a NAIVE AMERICAN BLACK MAN. Though it is not perfect we as we all no are not on heaven I AM GLAD TO BE AN AMERICAN.
    I am thank ful for THE REAL people. Real MEN , WOMEN, CHILDREN.I am thankful for MOTHER EARTH GODS AWESOME CREATION! I am thankful To be free and un controlled like some lving Ken doll as I see so many today Lady Amber.

    I am thankful for YOU. For being able to communicate on your blog. I am thankful TO HAVE A CON- DOE$$$ to live in and to be THE COMMANDER! Happy thanks giving Lady Amber!!( ooooo;s respectfully meant GOD BLESS YOU! )

    1. I'm thankful for you too, Mr. N! Keep up your goodness and individuality, we need more like you in this crazy world. I hope your holidays are happy, and you get to do what you like. Take good care of yourself; see you soon around the 'hood.

  2. Overused words have been with us since Methuselah grew his beard, Amber. Even the very earliest species of homo sapiens were guilty of this infraction. Consider the frequency of the utterance, "Ookie, ookie."

    Oh incidentally, Amber, AWESOME post!