Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Silly Quests Define Our Decline: NYC and Chi Compete, Again

A long, expensive, much-publicized contest is now
over, and--NYC won. Did anyone think Chicago's
Sears (Willis) Tower had any chance against the
emotional power of the phoenix-like World Trade
Center 2.0?  The two structures are very close in
height; there was a squabble over duelling definitions
of antennas allowed, etc. New York City now has
the nation's tallest building, if not the world's.

In normal times I don't object to obsessing on the
signally silly, like the above-mentioned race to the
top, but with new, ill-advised trade agreements
(the TPP), persistent high unemployment (recall
that 3-5% was considered "structural or normal"
for decades) and  apparently successful efforts
aimed at bringing the U.S. back to a harsher, more
rights-impoverished era continuing, this is no time to
concentrate on "fun", or less substantive matters.

...But fun is a never-ending national focus, except for
horrifying tragedies like the latest typhoon in the
Philippines, death toll of ~10,000 expected. Right
now many of us are galvanized into helping with
funds and goods, but such concerted care fades,
and our persistent problems remain, dealt with
in haphazard or downright wrong fashion.  

PLEASE: Let's have more serious emphasis
on tackling what matters, punctuated by rest
and recreation, yes, yet not as the main goal
and activity in life.

Such silly quests brought Ancient Rome to her
knees and the vandals. Such may quite easily
define our decline.


  1. Once again Lady Amber. You hit the nail on the head! ( On a side note it will always be the SEARS tower in my heart.) Our society is almost like the jericho road, or a house of cards.Too much serious business and living for that. AN ORGASMIC society I call it.

    There was a song back int the seventies titled DO IT TIL YOU ARE SATISFIED. Feeling good and having fun is an emotional dope or drug I feel. God help us!

    Thank you. Have a safe and lovely day! Stay alert in these times mam!

    1. Admittedly, Amber and Lester, your observations do make a lot of sense. Too many folks are fixated on trivial stuff and just letting off steam.

      As you illustrated, Amber, we're often there to help out in times of tragedy such as the typhoon in the Philippines. I also agree that as a society, we don't devote enough time to keeping ourselves well-informed.

      But in a way, I can understand why. A lot of folks out there are working so hard at dead-end jobs, just trying to survive, that in whatever spare time they have, they just wanna kick back and chill out. I'm not justifying it. I'm just saying that that's the way things are.

    2. Many work hard at thankless jobs; in the past I was one of them. However, I can't agree that everyone always works hard--I personally witnessed far too much flaking off (at the MANY jobs I held), even to the point where some wanted to involve me, as I was making them look bad by comparison. Everyone is not good or morally inclined, Dan, come on.

  2. Dan . s the younger set say ( I can totally feel where you are coming from) I feel like our current world is like, The valley of the dolls, the stepford wives, , A Rockford files two hour movie , or like episodes of BLAKE'S 7.

    A local news out let had a story about VAMPIRE club culture. Sad to say as you say this is the way it is. How people choose to be. I wonder if many feel they have to be in their coffin by sun rise. Kind of frightening.