Monday, November 18, 2013

Homo Sapiens? No, Homo Fecundis

...the sapient part is highly exaggerated and quite undeserved,
in my opinion. Many otherwise intelligent writers still insist on
describing humans as apart from nature and the other mammals
(all animals), in stultifying defiance of the obvious: breasts,
urinary, defecatory and sexual parts, etc. To top it off,
because of our extraordinary fecundity, we are overrunning
the Earth, and it is only due to worsen, as China has just
announced a loosening of its one child policy.

Say, China, just WHERE do you plan to put all the extra
people?  It is past time for such selfish individualism
(i.e., what I want is more important than anything else)
and high time for this planet's humans to prove their

Until then, Homo Fecundis it is.


  1. Well stated as usual Lady Amber.

    Many of the ( ME ME I MINE I WANT ) mentality ones in our world may sooner than they know get a rude awakening. Certain people in our world are not happy with the number and quality as they like to say of people in our world. I as many realists feel these ELITE ones may be ready, willing, and able to try to eliminate these PROBLEM people. SOME SATANIST NAMED Adolph Hitler did that too.. History when we do not learn from it seems to repeat itself. Every thing old is knew again? GOD help us! Happy thanks giving every one. Lets be thankful for all we need to be. We never know HOW IN A SECOND IT COULD ALL CHANGE!

    1. Don't worry, Mr. N, I'm not for eugenics (Hitler) or culling of our herd. I AM, however, for individual restraint in the name of the common good, which is very different....

  2. Oh. I know you are NOT an Elitist nor a modern day Adolph schiculgruber Hitler Lady Amber.I feel the UNRESTRAINED ones that are like kinky wild hogs in their spirit along with us that are not , will soon see ALL THE LITTLE spawns of SATAN come out in the open. SOON!!

  3. According to a study commissioned by the Guttmacher Institute, the lack of birth control availability within the planet's poorest nations is an acute problem, and getting worse. As of 2012, according to this study, 869 million women throughout the world expressed interest in birth control, but their needs were unmet.

    Even here in the US, the legions of self-anointed crusaders opposed to women's choice are certainly not being helpful.

    1. Cultural difficulties for women include what men want (sex) as an imperative, hence what we're witnessing now and in the past. But you are...

  4. Right as rain as usual! (from a PBS children's show). But it happens in many different sorts of families, even well to do, "educated" ones. I think it is just about world wide, an average phenomenon, as most people just don't care about strangers, which ironically redounds back to them.

  5. Dan. Lady Amber. How sad and ironic, LUST , DEEP , STRONG SEXUAL HUNGERS, DESIRES, ETC, LONGINGS seem to be at an all time high and increasing by the minute. Sexualization of every thing is rampant !