Thursday, February 6, 2014

After Actor Hoffman: The Demons That Possess too Many of Us...

are not simply a matter of individual, personal failings.
P.S. Hoffman had help, plenty of it. A celebrity culture
that obviously allows and encourages alcohol and drug
use, because mere reality "ain't good enough" is part
of it; needing to be part of a wide acquaintanceship
circle, therefore not being selective, is another; 
generally, our American denial, escapism and frantic
focus on fun underscores much of this.

Then there are personal life and family factors: Mr.
Hoffman's parents were high achievers (she, a judge,
he, a tech exec) who divorced when Philip was nine.
Study after study and anecdote after anecdote
demonstrate how difficult and life-changing divorce
is for the child, even in the most amicable separations.
Look at a bit of Philip Hoffman's existence: he was
quite overweight (-all food is "comfort food"), had
a partnership with a woman which produced three
children, but no marriage, after 15 years. It may
well hark back to little Phil, age nine.

Whether there are emotional issues, addiction
problems or criminal behaviors (often all three)
look at the whole life circumstances to get a
fairer understanding of what has brought
someone down. Chances are excellent that
other people played a significant role, even
if it is also true that adults must take
responsibility for themselves.

The demons that possess us should be
fought with every ounce of strength we
can muster. It is a worthy and important


  1. I have several( For many reasons I will not mention there names here) relatives that were at one time in the entertainment, sports, other areas of fame and fortune. From boxing, baseball, tv, and the music industry.Many would recognize their names( On my late great MOM and late great Dad;s side of the family.

    I feel FAME is not all it is claimed to be. Their DEMONS are many and MAGNIFIED!With out real friends/family AND GOD I feel the saying THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL is so true.
    You hit the nail on the head again Lady Amber.

    Oh yes. WE MUST REALLY fight THESE AND OUR DEMONS in these times!

  2. I mention THEIR names not for legal , privacy and other reasons. I am a PRIVATE not secret person. We are loosing our privacy more each day. Lady A when you see me I will mention names if you like. YOU WOULD recognize many of them

    1. I'm surprised I haven't seen you at our local favorite convenience store for a while. I don't mention our community name because I respect the wishes of some of my followers and several others who are very glad I DON'T. I'm not really interested in your relatives' identities, just you, as we have met and talked; you crack me and my friend Dan up with your humor. I do hope, though, that none of them have gone the way of Mr. Hoffman, young and so accomplished, except for his demons.

    2. Thank GOD few of the ones that touched fame did not go down the path Mr. Hoffman did. Many went through hell though.. In winter I call in favors and am in cars driven by friends and kin. Will be at the fav spots HERE IN BED FORD FALLS when weather breaks . If it does LOL.

  3. I guess celebrity really does have its down side. Everybody wants a piece of that celebrity, sometimes literally. So he/she feels trapped, with no place to go. So what's the answer? Retreat into a fantasy land.

    Sometimes, as you say, others do play a significant role. Then again, especially in reference to parents, sometimes they DON'T. Daniel Patrick Moynihan used the phrase "benign neglect" a few decades ago. Well, often times neglect ain't so benign. Parents needn't be divorced to be neglectful.