Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The U.S. and IL Constitutions: Just Words

"Just words": this phrase has two meanings, almost antithetical
to each other. "Just" refers to persons or principles interested in,
committed to, "justice" as well as "merely" or "only". History and
current events prove out these paradoxical definitions daily in
real/reel life: high-flown hopes written by our founders and
leaders into national and state law become mere palaver when
the specific stipulations are ignored, whether by intent  (-politics,
anyone?) or ignorance.

Who cares? I ask seriously, not flippantly. Is our society a
joke, or do we actually have standards and reasonable
rules of law which we follow closely?

The answers are within our very selves.


  1. This time, this month, it's the top three demos acting
    in political, not statesman-like ways: Quinn, Cullerton, and Madigan, abrogating the IL State Constitution re: the required yearly budget speech, detailing department by department, one year out ONLY scenario.

  2. Dear Lady Amber. The question you ask in your last sentence I fear is sadly being answered and manifested in a horrible way each day. Just like our money is becoming JUST PAPER, Our state and most likely federal constituions are becoming JUST WORDS.

    Just as marriage vows that more people choose not to honor( IF they choose to marry and not shack up!are

    just words.)

    Lady Amber. Is that the three demos or DEMONS?

    1. Lester, Even though I am worried/disgusted about so much as you well know, we can't give up, because there are still many good people, innocent animals and plants out here worth defending. I hope you have a good weekend!

    2. Lester, Dan often says we all have demons to deal with; I agree. This time the above-mentioned pols have allowed some of theirs to gain the upper hand.

  3. Despite my (reluctant) support for Pat Quinn, I am in synch with your perspective. There are compelling reasons for presenting a budget once a year, if for no other reason that the public has a right to know.

    Regardless of the issue, constitutions were intended to be flexible documents. Hey, that's what amendments are for!

    1. Yes, amendments were designed to accommodate changing realities--but there ARE no amendments regarding reporting the IL Budget to Illinois' people. See you soon!

  4. Lady Amber. Dan. Well stated ! I do feel many amendments, etc are bent so far as that they are broken. As in BREAKING THE LAW! Law makers and law breakers are often one in the same. No Lady Amber We must not give up. I almost had to call 911 or the non emergency fire number last night That debate on digital channel 7 was so disgusting I amlost become dreadfully ill down to my spirit.

    1. I still believe in prayer, trying to stay informed and
      speaking out. Oh, and donating a bit of money to organizations like the Greater Food Depository. What else is there to do?