Saturday, February 1, 2014

Violence: Varied, Criminal, Cruel and Senseless--Subjects for the Soapbox

Today's rant is a two-fer, with a third complaint thrown in free
of charge:

(1)  Genocide by Suicide
 Having watched black-on-black crime, violence and murder
over the last few decades, I suddenly realized what's at bottom
in this tragically wasteful phenomenon--a large number of poor
African Americans in Chicago are doing each other
(and ultimately, themselves) in, a form of genocide by suicide.
Boy, the racists in the woodwork must be rubbing their hands
together with glee--but why help them out? If only struggling
minorities would band together so that they wouldn't fuel the dark
hopes and aspersions of their enemies. (Sounds dramatic, no?
But it is real--the poor and minorities actually HAVE enemies,
pay attention!) The problem is fiendishly complicated, but here's
an inspiring, important reminder to act on: everyone is greater
than their circumstances. Think of what that could mean to
every life, if everyone on Earth believed this.

(2)  Rougher Buffer Zones Around Abortion Clinics and
The news nationwide (~01/20/'14) was replete with laws and
proposed legislation regarding the size of protest buffer zones
near abortion clinics and burial grounds. The zones' sizes vary
widely from state to state, some of  which are ridiculously
small (eight feet wide) and therefore, threateningly intrusive.
The pro-life and political activists at these sites claim they are
only exercising  their First Amendment rights to free speech.
--But free speech for whom and how, exactly? If you scrutinize
the United States Constitution minutely, you will discover
a most salient fact--NOWHERE is it stipulated there that
anyone is required to hear and obey, or even to give the
merest listen. It is not constitutional to attempt to force
one's views on anyone, even about a serious subject like
abortion. There are other, more effective means to get
one's points across, and I suggest you activists begin
employing them now. YOUR rights stop directly at a line
across the front edges of MY toes, a sensibility generally
acknowledged across the world, if not always honored.

        *Less Important, Yet Highly Irritating*

(3) Grammar Gripes, Hither and Yon
Intellectual rigor has departed the planet, evinced by
the network and PBS TV talking heads playing fast and
loose with English grammar...hey, newsies, it's not cute or
cool! New viewers everyday are being "educated" by
television, often to their detriment. Have some pride
as well as community concern, really!

The soapbox is now removed for today.


  1. The red light is always stopped for but remember to YIELD TO THE AMBER! Light! Lady Amber! Oh my you said that horrible word several times( MINORITIES!) Lol .That is ok we all know ALL GODS creations are major!. Racism is starting to rage and poke out it;s head. AN EVIL SPIRIT racism is. SO is SEXISM and all other forms of HATERIZATION.

    I say the following respectfully. I am PRO LIFE! I deeply feel more people especially MEN ( THAT ARE TOO QUICK TO WANT TO ERUPT into a woman like a volcano then run) Need to love and support women and children.Though I have no biological kids I have an do support women and children.( Not for any gold digging though.

    YEAH! DAT GRAMMER THANG is deep. AIN;T no place for it Lady Amber. Common sense and Less ebonics. I am sure all can relate to what I say. I may need that soap box later. Thanks for THE AMBER WAVES of truth Lady Amber. Stay safe and warm. AHHH! This snow and cold is getting to me !! AHHHHH!

    1. I wasn't even thinking about neighborhood or area/ethnic dialects (ebonics), when I made my complaint. TV broadcasters should always employ the best possible Standard American English, as should radio transmissions, school classes and newspapers. This is quite different, and appropriately so, from how we talk with our family, friends and neighbors. Stay warm, Lester.

  2. Yes Mam! Sad how many in America have allowed them selves to be DUMMED down, and to have what little standards few have to be lowered. I often wonder if SODOM and gomorah was a bibllical land way back in those days or is that land expanding in our times. Staying warm and no desire for a snow cone yet...

  3. 1) Folks really ARE greater than their circumstances. Even in the most violent neighborhoods, there's often a strong sense of community that often stays below the radar. Many families, themselves struggling to survive, often lend a hand to struggling neighbors, especially in time of crisis.

    2) Good point, regarding freedom from harassment. Ordinances regarding maintenance of respectful distance between groups in conflict often do a world of good.

    3) Well, what're ya gonna do? Convincing folks to speak The King's English, even on the broadcast media ain't never gonna be easy-peasy.