Saturday, February 8, 2014

Throwing Down the Gauntlet: "Genius" Hackers, Help Save the World--Don't Destroy it

"Genius" gamers and hackers can cause commotion, facilitate
crime and make negative news, but what ELSE have they got?
A Russian teenager is now alleged to have caused the Target and
Neiman Marcus customer card many millions strong hacking
incident (the published numbers ran from 40 to 70 to 110
millions and more, so I'll be vague.)  "Intrepid" hackers, all
the way back to the 414s in Milwaukee (~1980s) have
managed to get into hospital and  government databases.
That was not internet hacking, however--there was no
internet until the 1990s; although Darpanet and Arpanet did
exist, they were not public-access technologies.  

So, gamers/hackers, show me your true genius: find a cure
for cancer, comprehensively create an enduring peace plan,
effectively encourage employers to increase their hiring,
ad infinitum. Instead, I see a far more pathetic personality
profile for you in the aggregate.  You:

(1)  Deploy what intelligence you DO have to focus many
hours over several years to the exclusion of other pursuits
to gain mastery of the "hacking skill set"...genius not required
to acquire such "expertise".

(2)  Feel disaffected, out of place, powerless, so Black Hat
malware activities are justified somewhere in the nether regions
of your subconscious.  (Such rationalizations may also be

(3)  Haven't helped solve many/any of humanity's ills, probably
won't, because you don't actually care. You don't mind
harming many who never hurt you--demonstrating a deep
lack of character, logic AND intelligence.

I could rant on, but I AM certain that great intelligence and
caring concern generally co-exist in the same brain; Albert
Einstein and  Albert Schweitzer come to mind.

I'm issuing an open challenge right here, right now:
genius hackers, take up the gauntlet and get to work,
a world's awaiting. 


  1. RIGHT ON! Lady Amber sad to say, However I feel these punks, internet mafia, are NEVER going to do any good for society nor them selves. They are part of the NEW WORLD ORDER AND CONTROL spirit that is manifesting into life styles.They will eventually litaraly destroy themselves.

    They also have no life nor want one.Many in companies I feel have these punks mentality.

    God help us that want it. Have a great day and week end Lady Amber.

    1. Same back atcha, LN. Stay away from dem dang snow cones! (--Overhead icles that fall, really.)

  2. It's a genuine challenge, Amber. But I reckon that much of the brilliance shown by cyber-hackers is confined to their narrow interests. I'm not at all sure that a lot of these guys --- and they're almost always guys --- can really re-adapt themselves. The again, I guess a lot depends on environment.

    1. Have a great day, Dan; it's sunny and warmer today than tomorrow, so being out and about now is a smart idea....

  3. It SURE WAS A GROOVY day To get some things done etc.Hard for me to see the black ise but My a never fell on the ground!