Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dillard vs. Rauner: Money Isn't Everything, as the 2014 Illinois Primary Proved

...Yes, Bruce Rauner ran a rich campaign, and he has secured the
Republican nomination for Illinois' next governor in November,
but by a landslide, as the talking heads and pollsters predicted?
No indeed, it was a three percent squeaker, proving yet again
that, while money is very important, it doesn't quite account for
everything. Watch for Mr. Dillard to nail higher office down
the road, as he intimated in his concession remarks.

Pesonal disclosure is in order here: I was one of the many
independent crossover voters who wished to influence the
Republican Party's outcome last night (-and did!). I voted
for Dillard, Cross and Topinka, as I have watched them over
the years and observed that they can civilly negotiate across
the aisle. Like it or not, those who disagree with us must be
dealt with, simply because they exist and ideal policies are
usually far from certainly known or proven. These three
Illinois politicians appear aware of such basic realities
where/when others are not. The Republican Party in our
state will rise and become more powerful when republicans
behave more like former Governor Edgar, Kirk Dillard and
Mark Kirk.

I'm praying for more RINOS and DINOS to get elected
nationwide--why not?  A steep ideological divide during
decades recently here at home has not produced policies
which reflect truly constitutional aims, namely, that all, rich,
poor and in between have rights, privileges and problems...

Let's get to it; let's prove even more effectively, resoundingly
that money isn't everything; effort, intelligence and concern have
occasionally trumped $$$ signs.

[Signed by a long-time DINO-RINO]


  1. RIGHT ON Lady Amber!
    I will say MR R is expert in the HARD TO HANG UP ON ROBO CALLS! I guess when one has the BIG Bucks, etc they can roll that way. I feel Pat Quinn. BYE BYE! 5 years with little positive things to show for it! I hope more INDEPENDENTS run and win. I feel touch times coming world wide.Lets stay in prayer! Our witts about us. Know who is really down with us. Have a great day Lady Amber...

  2. DINOS=democrats in name only
    RINOS=republicans in name only

    I failed to state this above, apologies

  3. From a pragmatic perspective, your views make perfect sense. But on a national scale, the RINOS have become a nearly extinct species. It's the right-wing ideologues who are the most responsible for our dysfunctional government. Here in Illinois, we seem to have a few --- including the names you mentioned --- who've become outliers. I further agree that a "Governor Kirk Dillard" wouldn't have been the end of the world. Still, I'd like to believe that over time, as voter demographics change, more progressive public policies will be implemented. Even today, every mainstream poll indicates that issues such as a strong social safety net and progressive taxation have majority support --- at least among those polled. It's the most liberal public officials, including the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who are the most supportive of these issues.

    1. If you were correct Grover Norquist's stranglehold on national Republicans by forcing them to sign the infamous "pledge" would be at 100%--which it now is not. I share FDR's perspective: ideas and policies that work, not fidelity to a "tribe" (i.e., progressives, democrats, republicans, etc.).

  4. Excellent points Dan.

    It is sad and ironic how we have allowed these TWO SO CALLED PARTIES to PUT A LOCK DOWN on our political system.OUR FOUNDING fathers would not have wanted it this way. I feel OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND FATHER IN OUR HEARTS does not like this either.