Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ukraine's Pain is No One's Gain

It is entirely understandable that the Ukraine is world-weary
of the stranglehold/stronghold Russia (or the Soviet Union)
has had for many decades on the former "breadbasket of
Europe", a wonderful wheatfields-filled Ukraine. It is
equally easy to see why Russia needs her money from the
Ukraine for gas already provided, also her several ports
on the Black Sea, but these concerns and positions could have
been satisfactorily negotiated to the benefit of both countries,

Corruption and incompetence entered the picture,
particularly on the part of Yanukovych, the elected/escaped
ousted Ukrainian Premier who had apparently ordered
Ukrainian military to open fire on demonstrators, killing
dozens of them. How was that justified or necessary?
(-Not that the demonstrators were all altar boys, either.)
Putin seems to back ethically and pragmatically dubious
despots, Assad in Syria and Yanukovych in the Ukraine.
Can't he ever shed his former/current KGB mentality?

So much over-reaction, death and destruction in a world
now needing calm and reason as almost never before will
only bring us all closer to Nostradamus's prediction, that
Armageddon comes when the Eagle and the Bear tangle.
Our "lofty" exceptionalism, often stated, will draw us
into an exceptionally bad situation if we are not especially
deft at this moment...

Pray for peace and reason, call your elected officials and
demand that they act accordingly. Ukraine's pain is no one's


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    1. Mr. N, please comment again, but don't use any names from "Bedford Falls" except yours and mine. I regret deleting your comment here, but a promise is a promise. There's plenty of fodder for critiques in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, the U.S. and on Earth in general for us to explore without naming our neighbors when we haven't gotten their permission.

  2. I worry because of the long and troubled history in Russia, a very old society, as well as Eastern Europe.
    Russia, as the largest nation on Earth geographically, yet not over-populated like India and China, possessing greater amounts of natural resources than the USA, is an impressive power, irrespective of its oligarchs (we have them too), incompetent bureaucrats, drunks and thugs.

    In future, please let us not use any village names here; I promised "Bedford Falls" that I would not, and I generally keep my word. We can say things like " our mayor's assistant", etc., and I will know who you're referring to, as I know everyone in charge of our village. I leave all manner of rumor, missing facts and inaccurate grammar to the three or four local newspapers. My blog aims to be different.

    So please forgive me, Mr. N, but I'm deleting your comment, even though I agree with you, because of its stating her name.

  3. Sorry. Understand.

    To get right to the point. Lady Amber ,I fear the horrors of Ukraine are in many other countries and are spreading like wild fire.

    In countries near America I feel the evil deeds, political systems , etc of Ukraine exist though we may not hear about them ( YET! ) I agree, LETS PRAY for peace in Ukraine and in other areas going through ( The people of those countries ) the hell they live with every second of every day.

    1. Thanks, Mr. N. Hope you go outside today, it's over 40 degrees in "Bedford Falls" right now!

  4. I have been out every day. Looking forward to a real wonderful reason to come out and soar!