Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Obama and Putin: Deal With the Past, Present and Future to Be Effective

What more of the world's leaders must understand
clearly and permanently is all time periods matter--
we never completely leave the past behind; it causes
and informs the present, all the palavers about
"computers completely changed the world",
"...But now, in the 21st century..."etc. to the
contrary. It should be obvious (yet is not) that
every shame or ill regarding human behavior and
actions, as well as every sublimity, kindness and joy
have existed for eons, are still with us. The present
realities are most pressing, ones we can actually
affect/effect, intractable though they may seem. We
must strive to improve ourselves and the world,
the minimum owed to future generations, but
remain alert and sensitive to what got us here.

--A tall order and a forbidding prescription? Yes.
Mr. Obama, as he no doubt studied at Harvard (or
earlier) must recall stark realities of Russian history--
how often they were the nation Germans, the French and
others tried to take and subjugate. But the Russians,
in many ways an indomitable people, have actually burned
down some of their own cities rather than let them be
taken. That this is not every country or culture, must be
realized when negotiating or relating to anyone from there
... others must show they care, are aware.

Mr. Putin must care as well, should understand
other nations, such as ours, have problems too.
Without this perspective, expect a third world
war, period. --Terrifying to think about?
naturally, but denial and avoidance only
gets us all closer to such a dystopian

So slogans, assumptions, ideological purity,
braggadocio, macho posturing, et al. should go,
NOW. Let these behaviors truly, permanently,
land atop the dustbin of history, if anything ever
does. Mr. Putin, Mr. Obama, if you care about
your legacy and the rest of us, consider the past,
present and future when carrying out your
foreign policies or making speeches:  We all need
you to be statesmen, not politicians, right about now.


  1. Lady Amber. You once again hit the nail on the head.

    Cats have always , purred, meowed, etc ( I know two dear Ladies that do excellent cat imitations but that is another story.We as people have various skin colores, sexes, nationalities, etc.How wonderful I feel GOD created us that way. However some people are like snakes. We can LOVE LIKE, RESPECT THEM, etc THEY STILL WILL TURN strike out at us and bite us! THE NATURE or a snake..

    SO I FEEL is the RUSSIAN bear leadership. Lady Amber have a lovely day!

  2. As I and many others predicted, a Putin-sanctioned "journalist", now head of a Russian news bureau has inflamed the Crimean controversy with a comment about Russia being the only country actually able to nuke the U.S. As I always say, the past is always with us, no matter what many may say or do to advance "civilization". The "Cold" War heats up! Crimea can't be a rational reason to go to WWIII...let the idiots secede. Why is Russia so greedy for territory? It is already the largest nation on Earth. The Black Sea ports and competition with the U.S. are the main reasons, but there are probably other, darker motives.

  3. Yes mam. Well stated. Lady Amber CANCER ( Be it SOCIAL, Economic, political, etc, ALWAYS MUST DEVOUR! So goes RUSSIA IT;S BEAR season again. Summer will be here soon. In AMERICA even more IN OUR WORLD. I feel and fear it will be A LONG HOT SUMMER in many ways. I pray I am wrong. I can feel it in my spirit deeply. A M A P be wonderful, Live , Love, Learn, Be Amber..K passed along your regards to me.Thank you.

    1. The store owner and I think he's a great kid, this before we knew the relationship. See you around
      "Bedford Falls" as the weather moderates!

  4. Thanks Mr D and Amber. I will pass that on to his Mom ( my niece ) See you. Dealing with challenges, SOME in my condo unit Lots going on. Be wonderful. Happy spring!