Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bitcoin: Purloined or Over-Imagined?

Either way, the young turks at work these days are
ahead of themselves, and reality, in many ways. Science
and technology have helpful, fascinating methods at
the ready, and I wouldn't wish to be without their
many benefits.  With the advent of marvels like
3D Printing, it's easy to appreciate how imaginations
can segue into overdrive, into fantasy, sci-fi and
beyond. (Don't remind me about the fact that sci-fi
gave us much of our present technology, I get it.)

Yet some sensible  understanding eludes
entrepreneurs like these--such as, we will
always be "material girls" (and guys). I also
took note that those using Bitcoin wanted to
evade taxes and regulations, hardly a moral
practice. Since, seemingly, it wasn't possible
for the newly bankrupt Mt. Gox to monitor
these electronic transactions accurately, the
enterprise was doomed to fail. (--Poetic
justice, perhaps??)

Apology by yet another idiot CEO not
accepted, actually. We must all do better,
therefore, fewer lame "sorries" required.  

Bitcoin, over-imagined, purloined, lacking
in ethics and community caring--
if it disappears altogether,
I won't shed a tear.


  1. Another great informative post as usual Lady Amber.

    I wonder with all the problems with credit, debit( ALSO THE MADE UP OR LIES regarding problems info stolen ALLEGEDLY, ETC) if our entire monetary system( MACHINE.) will not be changed soon to something a lot like BITCOIN? Have a safe and good week end Lady Amber.

    I do not have a desire for slurpy nor a snow cone and I am sure you do not either .LOL.

    1. Oh you are sooo right, re: snow cones & slurpees, but I still eat regular ice cream all around "Bedford Falls" (--heh heh). I think you are also correct about the "regular" money exchanges, banks, etc. Probably, mostly due to error, some value lost there too. Let's look forward to a few days from now, when it warms up a bit....