Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Brains Circling Down the Drain: PBS, Then and Now

Watching Wednesday night PBS, "science night" in 2014
is "science lite". Decades ago, we watched more serious
physics programs like "Key to the Universe", several hours
long, with Nigel Calder, only one example. Sir David
Attenborough may not produce and narrate many more
future nature series. (All his superior and endearing/enduring
body of work is still available at PBS online and elsewhere,
thankfully.) Some cable offerings might delight us still, although
none I've seen can compete with PBS at its best.

Free Wednesday nights now feature "Your Inner Fish"
with way too much Dr. Neil Shubin and his university's
scenery, way too little of the actual science. [--Damn
all this dumbing down vanity video!] Don't even talk about
"Nova Science Now" with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson and
David Pogue acting far too immature (silly-cute), again,
at the expense of the science, given programming and
watchers' time constraints.

"Nova" is funded by a Koch Industries brother, so I
won't bother contributing to PBS until Koch disappears
from the credits.

Meanwhile, I can feel my brain circling down a
metaphorical drain, viewing various vanity science
showpieces showcasing certain profs.

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  1. Dear Lady Amber. Once again YOU NAILED IT! All you state above I find and feel is true of PUBLIC TV, RADIO also private tv, radio, etc. DUMBING US DOWN, making us WELL NOT US but those that are falling for it TO BE DUMBED DOWN and become voyers, puppets.

    Too many in our world and especially I feel in AMERICA are allowing their minds, spirits, every area of their lives to be controlled by others that do not have our interests at heart. Also to be over whelmed with useless information and things that will cause them to be more immature, lustful, silly, etc.

    THE WORD BOOB really does describe the ( TV AND SOME TIMES computer screen) WHAT GARBAGE comes out of it and many people CHOOSE to consume in their minds and spirits...