Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Jackie Robinson West T-Shirt Beats Anything Tommy Hilfiger Ever Made

$20 each is a bargain price for something so upbeat and winning,
those beautiful bright golden yellow Ts  emblazoned with the
squad's school name, Jackie Robinson West.  The 2014
United States Little League Champions (and second in the
world!) comported themselves with sportsmanship, grace
and dignity everywhere they traveled; no ugly spectacle
from any of THEM. These talented young people are
goodwill ambassadors from/for Chicago who can be
welcomed anywhere, based on their manners alone. 

Then there's Tommy Hilfiger, who charges beaucoup
bucks for his "designer" sports gear, worn by many
minority youths and adults, even though he once infamously
declared, with turned up nose, "I don't design my creations
for inner city youth". I saw and heard this interview,
televised in the late '90s. (Forget the urban legend which
casts Oprah Winfrey as the interviewer, Hilfiger as
spouting openly racist epithets...it never happened.
His "inner city youth" remark is bad enough!)

If I were to buy an important T-shirt, it would have to
be one with the JRW team name...

Whose T-shirt would you rather buy?


  1. The J R W t shirt! I have followed them even before the rest of the world recognized them........

  2. Gotta admit, that unlike Lester, I hadn't really been following Little League Ball until recently, although I keep close tabs on the Majors. They're great kids as well as athletes, no doubt about it. Incidentally, the Philly club, despite being bested by our home town JRW, left a major imprint of their own. They have a 13-year-old pitching phenom. A girl! Maybe she'll crash the gender barrier in the Majors. Who knows!

    By the way, I didn't realize that Tommy Hilfiger was such an elitist jerk, whether or not he's a racist.

  3. Dan. Being a former Chicago fan , Now a cubs some times watcher. I finally got tired disgusted, fed up and went to some of those local and independent tv stations I have on what little cable tv I still subscribe too. I WANT TO and most likely will drop cable and keep internet service. Any hoo I DISCOVERED J R W! A few years ago now. MUCH BETTER than BIKINI FEMALE TOUCH FOOT BALL and the fabuluos women of wrestling I;d say..