Friday, August 1, 2014

A Small-Scale Holocaust in Progress--Israel vs. Gaza Palestinians

How does anyone legitimize throwing long-time inhabitants
of a region out to create a nation for others?  This is the
unhappy, untenable history of the modern state of Israel.
(Uncannily, it is the United States' story as well.)Yes,
there is no defense for the Holocaust during WWII,
when millions of Jews (and others) were killed in Hitler's
genocidal, maniacal pogrom...

But right now, Bebe Netanyahu  and his supporters are
murdering many children, innocent humans who DID NOT
ask to be born into such unfeeling, bloody chaos. There is no
excuse for this: even if the United Nations is correct in their
statements that Gazan schools and other "benign" civilian
locations house rockets,  there ARE other strategies to
locate, remove and dismantle such weapons. But that
would require a "fair fight", face-to-face confrontations.
Oh no--let's use bombs, planes drones, etc....
Never mind the "collateral damage".

Per CNN and the Pentagon, release of a secret stockpile
of our U.S.-produced weaponry already IN Israel TO
Israel was ok'd on July 23rd at the same time the White
House sharply rebuked Israel for the large civilian death
tolls, including hundreds of Gazan children.  Even more
ammunition additionally (-and God alone knows
what else) has been promised by us to Israel--
what the Hell for?? Israel has killed over 1300
Palestinians so far; the Israelis don't need more
weapons, more materiel, more bullets.

Carefully perusing a map of the Middle East
yields one conclusion, that Israel would win any
fight against Gaza; the land area and population
numbers alone tell the tale. The Palestinians are
a plucky bunch, but they will lose. They keep
attacking Israel because of Israel's seven-year
blockade and the simple fact of Palestinians
having been dispossessed of their centuries-old
homeland...not too dissimilar to the White Man vs.
the Native Americans, here at home.

I'm convinced the Israelis are trying to bomb
and starve the Palestinians back to the Stone Age,
a small-scale Holocaust of their own, something
they really should not do, given the history of the

Dr. E. O. Wilson is still right: in mass human actions
like wars, uprisings and contact sports, we behave
exactly like ants.

I thought we were just a bit higher up on the
evolutionary ladder. Sadly, it appears we are not. 

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