Monday, August 4, 2014

Israel's Face-To-Face Military Technique in Gaza...

Is only employed when it suits them.  Cowardly and bullying in
quashing the Gazans (-Stop saying it's merely about Hamas, the
world rejects this claim of yours right now).  I pointed this out
in my last post, BEFORE the news reports that an Israeli soldier
purportedly had been taken by Hamas. And how did Israel
manage this thorny problem militarily? By boots on the ground
in Gaza, cordoning off  fairly sizable areas, then going house to
house (i.e., face-to-face) in search of their comrade.

Indeed, Israel might have devised a similar strategy which
COULD have been used to determine exactly where Gaza's
rockets were stored, saving civilians, especially children.
But nooo (John Belushi famously said) let's just bomb 'em,
they aren't worth such effort, they are less than ourselves,
etc. Bebe can mouth calm "verities" all around the media, but
actions are anybody's yardstick proof of truth.

Memo to Israel: is this really what you want? --To emulate
a Nazi-like superiority, bullying, genocidal game? It sure
as Hell looks like it. Yes, Arab extremists of many stripes
have committed more than a few atrocities of their own,
just as extremists everywhere have you're
joining this infamously long list of shame?

Apparently some nations are getting wise to your
own, obvious horrors; the U.K. is reportedly
stopping military aid to you, Mr. Netanyahu--
yahoo! [A triple meaning here: (1) your name,
(2) a shouted hurrah, (3) a man without a clue, you.]

Hey now: what a wish, quite making my year, if the
U.S. joins the U.K., stops sending weapons to Israel--
and everywhere else. We often guess wrong, showing
our lack of sophistication in matters outside the U.S.
(-inside too, come to think of it.)

"Face-to-face" would show some grace in such
a place, winding down a war with fewer children
killed, a better write up in histories to come...
come on, no thought to your legacy? There is
more to survival than military techniques.


  1. Lady Amber. I can only say, You stated all the facts well!

    Thank you and have a lovely day! These last two blogs, WOW! Were on point.

  2. Thanks again, Mr. N. Are you feeling ok? I ask because I didn't hear from you right away, so I began to worry. I hope all is reasonably well with you and yours.

  3. Thanks Lady Amber. I am fine. Just been busy .Things the commander! had to deal with Repairs still going on here at home base I mentioned to you a while back. Sunday was also my 23 ( twenty third) season at my building and living here in BEDFORD FALLS. Hope you ar fine, well, doing lovely.

  4. I have to agree with you, Amber. Yes, there's plenty of intransigence from the leaders on both sides of the border, but it's clearly an asymmetrical war; Israel has all the chips. Bibi Netanyahu remains Prime Minister by dint of a fragile coalition among his Likud Party and several parties to the right of Likud. (Yes, they actually exist). That stated, I'm not in any way justifying Israel's lethal (and immoral) attacks on a largely defenseless civilian population. Nor am I at all sure that if Bibi didn't have to constantly be watching his right flank, he and Israeli Defense Forces would be any less murderous. But it's a convenient excuse sometimes offered by political observers.