Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nine Year-Old Girl "Learning" to Shoot an Uzi Accidentally Kills Instructor--Are You Kidding?

Arizona "accidentally" has lost its collective mind as shown in this
horrific story. The parents of a NINE YEAR OLD took her to
a shooting range where an instructor attempted to teach her
how to discharge an Uzi into a target, whereupon the weapon's
powerful recoil turned the gun on the "teacher". Was this
mortal lesson even necessary to anyone still in command of
their mental faculties (AKA good old-fashioned horse sense)?

Herewith  find the blameworthy, negligent and ignorant players:

(1) Her parents--why would they allow this slight young child
to even touch such a powerful weapon? I hark back to the day
when dads gave their 12 year-old sons a .22 and took them
out to the woods for some target practice. Are these parents
paranoid, heavily arming all in their household?

(2) The practice range--why would THEY allow this at all?
Were all at the range so woefully ignorant of physics that
they thought such a small child could physically and correctly
aim an UZI?

(3)  The instructor, who presumably handled many different
weapons during his career, should have refused to "teach"
this girl to use such an inappropriate instrument of death.
Sadly, he was the one who learned a lesson, losing his
own life in the process.

                       ARE YOU KIDDING?

OK, USA, get a grip. Your paranoid fears, fueled by
the news media and the entertainment industry, have
gotten the better of your good sense. Now that Conceal
and Carry is legal in all 50 states, we're seeing that too
many Americans have no idea about what they are
doing with these lethal playthings. How our enemies
must be howling in delighted laughter--we're doing
ourselves in, bit by bit, with this irresponsible return
to the Wild West, with ever more deadly firepower.

Keep those under 18 away from guns. The lives you
save may be yours, your young, anyone.


  1. I wonder Amber. how many children are being taught, IN HATE GROUPS, TO STEEL, TO KILL, ETC? I am not shocked any more as to what our perverted GOD LESS society members choose to do. It would probably shock many to know what people in our nation, state neighborhood, building where we live etc are thinking and doing. GOD HELP US few that still are decent andcare. Yeah they are starting them off young!!!!!

    Have a safe Labor day week end. Labor, our economy well that is a whole other can of worms...

  2. This is mind-boggling! It really is. And like you say, there's plenty of blame to be parceled out. The poor kid's going to have to live with that traumatic second for the rest of her life. Wonder how her parents are going to deal with it. I'm not sure that I'd really want to know. I mean, what kind of parents would bring a nine-year-old girl to a shooting range --- on a vacation!