Monday, September 22, 2014

China vs. The United States: Death By a Thousand Cuts

China doesn't need a sophisticated missile system or any other
advanced weaponry to achieve ascendancy over our country.
China has "invested" roughly ten per cent of its economy over
here; those notes, called in when we are least able to repay,
are a  potential form of Trojan Horse, trampling by economic
devious, deft, design. It can destroy our trees (the Emerald
Ash Borer came from cheap Chinese imported wood), put lead
and other toxins into imported baby bibs and pet food, and now
--high tech, fake IDs. According to Chicago CBS TV 2, the fakes
sell for about $100 each, and are almost impossible to detect--
even by Homeland Security. (Recalling Tweedle Dee and
Tweedle Dumb Ridge and Chertoff, highly-placed  "national
security experts", I feel zero surprise at the latest news.)

It's time for clarity on U.S. security matters. Besides
insane, murderous Middle East primitive religious radicals,
China and Russia have never gotten over the "end" of
the Cold War. Russia's areas of attack involve cyber
situations, Mafia-like tactics and kidnapping gullible
girls for the sex trade. Lately spoiling for a fight, Russia
has tested us through proxies NATO, the Ukraine and
its Russian Separatists. China, however, harries my mind
more than Russia, whose moves via Putin patently
reveal themselves...

China has the expertise of subtlety and patience,
producing one small problem at a time, aided by
Clinton's NAFTA, which was poorly thought through.

Let's beware, be aware: China may become the next
superpower, simply by administering death by
a thousand cuts.


  1. Nailed it right on the head again you did Amber!

    HEY EVERY ONE. Guess how much MADE IN CHINA items are on or around you right now? Frankly call many phome cable other companies now and you realize VERY LITTLE is AMERICAN MADE, SERVICED, ETC any more. Many AMERICAN COMPANIES uh oh look a little deeper and in some way you will find NOT THE RAIN BOW connection kermit the frog sang to us about back in the nine teen seventies but you will find THE CHINA CONNECTION!!! Careful of lots of that made in China stuff too! Some day we may see WE SPEAK ENGLISH here. For we may see Chinese language material around us.. Yes I am paranois and often find I have a good reason to be.

    Oh Amber YEAH! Got a new lap top 4 days ago. Oh excuse me every one I better check ALL the labels on this thing and the box one more time to see where it is made. God bless. Good day..

  2. I'm not sure that China would be likely to call in its chips at an inopportune time. Additionally, they've been selling off a chunk of their US bonds, but very slowly. They're holding about 8% of our national debt now; still significant, but down from about 12% just a few years ago. They're still heavily dependent on US outsourcing, which is why I don't think they're in any rush to slay the golden goose. Don't forget our own fellow travelers, corporations like Walmart, who wield their power like a cudgel, forcing many of their vendors to move their manufacturing operations overseas (read China) in order to meet their low-balled wholesale prices. And yep, NAFTA set the precedent; it's been a disaster.