Thursday, September 4, 2014

Don't Cry for Me, Chicago-I'm Crying for You

...With the two presumed candidates for Chicago Mayor
in 2015 being Karen Lewis and Rahm Emanuel, Chicago
loses whoever wins. One, Karen Lewis, seldom evinces
the high intelligence she presumably possesses, having
taught Chemistry at Lane Tech and elsewhere for 22 years.
Then there is Rahm E., a diplomate in the Arts with political
experience and a very profitable but short stint as an
investment banker.

Why are either of them qualified to run a diverse, important
city like Chicago? I see her as a loud, overweight woman,
who could do and know better as a scientifically educated
person.  She may run because she has an ambitious ego and
backing, however insignificant or significant such support may be.
HE is even more of a maneuverer and an opportunist, who I trust
less; these two do boast a fiery nature, but feistiness alone can't
carry the day...

If the motive is to inject justice, peace, morality, fair play,
financial solvency and a reaffirmation that Chicago IS the city
that works, that is.

Does Chicago STILL WORK? Will it work with either R
or K at the helm? I'm crying for Chicago, where I lived and
worked for most of my life, so I care, worry too.

Here's hoping a dark horse comes along with  the finest
credentials, someone who inspires all to aim higher, who
then becomes the next Chicago Mayor.  

Hope, hope, hope....


  1. Amber. I feel Chicago DOES WORK! CHICAGO WORKS VERY WELL FOR THE FEW CONNECTED, ELITE PEOPLE. One of many reasons me and mine left August 3 1991 and never looked back. Glad we did. I hope some day WHEN WHO KNOWS it will be great again and live up to it,s great potential as it once did long ago.

    I feel many things too numerous to mention here that occur in Chicago can and do have varying effects on us in the suburbs, I E LIKE US IN BEDFORD FALLS HERE.I E THE WATER RAT E INCREASE, THUGS Of all sexes races drifting out here. ETC.

    Well. I have written enough. Hope Hope, Hope Pray.

  2. Mr. N, I always wish nothing but the best for you and yours. I'm sorry I was too bold and bossy when we ran into each other yesterday...I would never willingly hurt your feelings. It is nice to see you out and about; that Polar vortex last Winter cut such meetings in and around "Bedford Falls" back to NOTHING.

  3. I was not upset as I told you when we met Amber. Every thing is fine.

    I love winter ON POST CARDS, etc,LOL. I feel a very hard winter A HARD TIME in many ways is coming for us all. God help us! When I can and get technical help May change blogs and more. Have a great day!!