Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th: Praise for the President, Pans for the NFL

13 years after the terror attacks on the East Coast,
September 11th brings sobering reflections: terror lives,
it always may, it must be beaten back as much as possible.
To this end President Obama has come up with an action
plan, slightly circumspect and coordinated globally (he
hopes) to limit the threat ISIS poses to its region and
the West. Considering how little the U.S. really knows
about the culture, concerns, language and history of 
Arab areas, Mr. Obama's current plans are reasonable
indeed. It isn't just a matter of two American journalists
being beheaded, as primitively ghastly as such tactics
are; it is the stated intentions of these murderous armed
radicals that should alarm us...

The saying, "you can't kill an idea" is accurate, for good
or for ill, but we must regard such as ISIS as weeds
which require killing periodically, simply to survive.
Our resolve, treasure and policy must be clear here.
Back in the early 2000s, Freedom House claimed no
less than 50 nations out of the some 200 on Earth
harbored Al Qaeda cells and sympathizers. That is
a significant minority worthy of concern--and

Then there is the apparently sanctioned domestic
terror at home, men against their female partners.
Memo to the NFL and all football teams: why would
we women watch football, buy tickets to games,
marry or have sex with its players, clean players'
homes and allow these thugs to father our children?

Victimized Mrs. Rice in  her way is as blameworthy
as NFL head Roger Goodell, good-appearing (perhaps)
if not good at setting proper boundaries and penalties
for unacceptable behavior. Beaten senseless for all to
see via videos, then fiancee Rice subsequently marries
Mr. Rice. --WHAT? No consequences for almost
killing her? That's not love, not as I could possibly
understand it. She should think more of herself
than that. But I've said, still say, the whole world
of the NFL and any pretenders to that status sanction
violence toward its players and their women. It
will never end until the sport morphs into Touch
Football instead, unlikely for decades if at all.

So on this day of somber remembrance,
praise for our President, pans and boycotts
for the NFL.


  1. Amber. I have a dear niece who;s birth day is on September 11. Many dear kin living and no longer with us of mine have birth days in this month. Any how when the satanic evil deeds took place on that hellish infamous day 13 years ago she really took it hard. We all did!

    I feel the murders and destruction of that horrible day should never have happened. Same for Oklahoma .So much mass killing horrors should never have, nor should happen. Because of governments, ELITE, other factors they do. So many innnocent people must suffer and die.

    I feel we are in biblical prophetic days and years.I CAN SEE IT 20/20 in my mind if not with my eyes. I feel it in my spirit. My GOD. COME LORD JEUSU!! The terrorism and violence, murder will I fear increase and become more covert! We must spiritually, logically, in all ways keep alert.

    WE MUST AND I FEEL NEVER FORGET the victims, families, survivors, FIRST RESPONDERS, ETC of 911!

    THE OLD BOY, GOOD OLD BOY, DA BOYZ! network I feel is stronger than ever and getting stronger sad to say. No not every one is , EVIL, A MORON, AN EL, A SADIIST, etc, It does seem all are at times. Many want us warpt and to think as such. We must never fall pray to the EVERY BODY IS LIKE THAT CLUB way of thinking.

    Amber. THE SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, ALL FORMS OF ABUSE OF AND AGAINST WOMEN, is SADISTIC, A GRIEVOUS SIN , LOW DOWN DIRTY AND BLOODY WRONG! So is the condoning of violence against women. THE COVERING UP of violence against women, etc. I FEEL MANY PEOPLE knew what that DUDE he is NO MAN DUDE what he did to his wife! WOMEN, LADIES, INVESTIGATE, SEARCH THESE MEN thoriughy. THEIR PERSONALITITES. Their spiritual beliefs, ETC ETC. BEFORE you get too involved with them. Hey fellas kind of do same for women. I have said enough. Thank you and have a great day!!!

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  3. Amber this link is a way you and others can I believe comment on my blogs and ALL my posts. I may change blog sites but in the future.