Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Early Winter, 2014: Beware and Prepare

After seeing the six foot snowfall today in Buffalo, NY,
as well as the record cold temps nationwide, I am afraid
of what this portends for the season starting now rather
than in December. We'd better prepare NOW, as
more Polar Vortexes beckon:

(1) Blankets and flares for your cars
(2) Extra water and some small edibles
(3) Extra batteries for your cell phones
(4) Good, sharp shovels for your cars
(5) Buy salt and/or sand now
(6) Proper winter weight antifreeze
(7) Good boots with gripping soles
[forget the sexy high heeled styles]

Stay home if at all possible when such
storms blow, and shovel sensibly to avoid
heart attacks, which took some lives already
this week.

Winter, 2014: Beware and Prepare


  1. Yes being HOME and not in a HOTEL is great when winter sets in....

    Amber I have seen many wear SEXY juicy high heeled boots in the dead of winter. Fell and broke some thing or bruised their rump roast...

    Politically, spiritually, and in many ways we had all or that want to be ready for WINTER..Have a great day! Look forward to spring and summer. I DO!!

  2. 10-4! Stashing the spiked heels can stave off many a bruised rump roast.

    Yeah, the Farmers' Almanac is forecasting a brutal winter for our region, for whatever it's worth. But the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's prediction is somewhat more nuanced. According to the NOAA, there's a chance that an El Nino might take up residence in the Pacific soon. If so, we might actually have a more moderate winter. They're hedging their bets, but we can still hope.

  3. Dan. I hope NOA and the BOYZZZZ are right. Those farmers are deep and right a lot I hear. A friend of mine said he was warm last year, Oh He was talking about a Lady he met named Nina not El nino, Never mine that second part,LOL.

    Stay warm in your hearts and be ready to bail out go else where if conditions make it too wicked where you are. I AM IN A GREAT place with LOVELy Ninas, Marleens, Oh more on that Later.I LOVE SUMMER!!