Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Latest Palestinian Brutality Obscures Real Issues

A murderous machete in a house of worship? No
matter the underlying issues, such horrors in a holy
place can't be countenanced. I suspect sympathy for
the Palestinians' problems with Israel dims after an
atrocity like this. In the Palestinian areas, there were
celebrations complete with candy offered to drivers
and passersby. How nauseating! It's one thing to
kill for survival, quite another merely to make a

I have taken the Palestinians' side many times, as
Israel has wronged them, plain and simple. But
this latest brutality will not help their cause, even if
they feel some empty victory at the moment. All
they have achieved is murder most crude, while
the conflicts between Israel and Palestine remain.
Where are effective leaders on both sides here?
Answer: they don't exist. Netanyahu and Abbas
are incompetent.

Meanwhile, the latest brutality shocks the world
and obscures the real issues.


  1. You said it all Amber.. If this is what our world has in store for us all and I feel we do, GOD help us!

    Back from my adventure WONDERFUL adventure soon..

    1. To his credit, Abbas in behalf of Fatah, did condemn this atrocity. Beyond that, Abbas, 79, admittedly hasn't been a very effective leader. However, Abbas and Fatah have indicated a willingness to negotiate. Can't state the same for Netanyahu and the Likudniks.

      Hamas is another matter. Prior to the Israeli Defense Force's recent air attacks on Gaza, the approval rating for Hamas was in the tank: about. 15%! But guess what! In the wake of the devastation of Gaza wrought by the IDF, Hamas is riding high in the polls once again. There's an election next month in Gaza. Hamas will probably win.