Tuesday, March 10, 2015

47 U.S. Senators Think They Rule, But Will Rue the Day

...They sent Iran a letter essentially proclaiming any
successful negotiation brokered by the White House
with the Theocratic nation of Iran is dead after 2016.
--Really?? Some of these DC radical republicans
are apparently unaware of the Logan Act, passed
in 1799 and amended in 1994. For those who require
a United States Constitution refresher course,
ONLY the President of  the United States has the
duly constituted authority to act on behalf of the
U.S. in negotiations with other nations, period.
Consult Article II if you doubt the Logan Act (or me).

These 47 super conservative republican U.S. senators
are obviously very close pals with U.S. House
Speaker John Boehner, another embarrassment
to the country at large and moderate republicans
everywhere. Some learned authorities regard
the sending of this letter to be treason, others
merely view the matter as a felonious imbroglio.

--How I hope our president hurls every legal,
public relations/media maneuver at his disposal,
aiming squarely at these upstarts--immediately!
This is NO TIME to act relaxed, natural, etc.
Please, Mr. Obama, forget your concern
about appearing as "an angry black man".

Meanwhile, "the 47" think they have more
power than a sitting president--how I'll
howl when they are brought up short,
to rue the day they did this deed.


  1. How ironic, our OUR, OUR THE PEOPLE,S representatives in the house and senate DICTATE to us and our president. They do as they THEY please, then give us a lame reason.

    Seems like many qualities of an EMPIRE and not a democracy to me. With a little dictatorship mixed in.

    Too many lemons ROTTEN ONES put into the chocolate cake batter and , well you all get my meaning I hope more wake up before it is too late.

  2. Conversely, only seven Republican Senators did not sign that vile document. And not one of those seven was named Mark Kirk. Senator K is standing for re-election next year, as are many others among the notorious "47". Here's hoping that the voters remember.

    Fortunately, Iran's US-educated foreign minister is a really savvy guy, who immediately realized the purpose of that letter: a warped appeal to their right-wing voters. But why would they want to hop in the sack with Iran's hardliners? Just to stick it to Obama? It sure looks that way!