Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Boehner's Bone-Headed Invitation, Netanyahu's Purported "Save"

...Doesn't fool those who have parsed a speech
or two over time. Indeed, Mr. Netanyahu was
lavish in his praise of Mr. Obama as the first
subject of his (presumably) carefully wrought speech
in today's U.S. House presentation. However, his
objective in addressing the U.S. Congress (as he put
it, since more than a few senators attended) was
to put pressure on Obama and Kerry re: the
Iran/U.S. deal currently on the table. The fact
that Bebe never specifically mentioned our
president's name when he criticized the deal and
its apocalyptic negative potentialities did precious
little to ameliorate the shocking lack of respect both
men, Boehner and Netanyahu, showed to President
Obama, obviously, in today's appearance before the
US. House without discussing it first with the
White House. No amount of fawning fixes this. (-!)

I had to laugh (-or was that a sneer?) when
Mr. N. claimed his speech to America in
America's house was "not political". Saint
Bebe, your sanctimonious assurances fell flat
on this old political animal's ears. Then,
Historian Bebe becomes quite voluble about
Iran's Theocratic State, in existence this time
around for over 30 years. However, Mr.
Netanyahu masterfully omitted the cruel pro-U.S.
regime of Shah Reza Pahlavi, who had the secret
police (Savak) and other horrors to his credit,
just before Ayatollah  Khomeni took over in 1979.

Toward the end of his address, Netanyahu
spins a traumatizing terror tale of future shock,
should the current deal be signed, of an eventuality
"...leading to a nuclearized Middle East...". --What??
It's my impression the ONLY nuclear power in the
Middle East IS ISRAEL.

A bit later, in a "stand your ground"  (alone)
patriotic paen to his homeland, Mr. N. attests:
"After 100 generations we Israelis can defend
ourselves." --Really, Bebe?? Not without U.S.
money, U.S. solidarity, and U.S. military support,
you can't--you even said as much earlier in your
grateful appreciation/appeasement of  Mr. Obama
and the USA. (Tsk, tsk: skillful talk, perhaps
yes, up to a point, but not possessing logical
internal consistency and flow, contradicting
yourself  into the bargain--So, Bebe, no editors
or proofreaders allowed in your cabinet, eh?)

All of this was preordained:

(1) That Boehner would attempt to prove he is more
powerful than the President, instead only shows
he's from Ohio.
(2) That the State of Israel has more in  common with
the USA than is generally discussed, I.E., America
stole this land from the natives, and much more recently,
Israel did the same.
(3) That The State of Israel seldom shows an ounce of
objectivity or forgiveness, which I believe goes against the
spirit of the Torah/the Old Testament.

Oh well. The more things change...

the ants are at it again.


P.S.: What was former  U.S. House Rep Newt Gingrich
doing there? 1994 is over, buddy--no matter how many
of y'all are tryin' to bring it back. Also: No one should invite
a sitting head of state so close to an upcoming election--
what if the current toff loses? How will relations continue
reasonably amicably with the new head?


  1. It seems more like an impire now than a democracy.

  2. Replies
    1. Even when you misspell certain words you make more sense than many who spell well. Don't worry, have a nice day.

  3. Thanks Amber. I just wish how I feel and what I see and deeply feel happening in our country more each day That I was wrong but I feel we are on a collision course in so many ways..Take care.