Thursday, March 26, 2015

Germanwings 320 Airliner Deliberately Crashed--Why Are Authorities Sure Lubitz Wasn't a Terrorist?

Lufthansa says Andreas Lubitz, the 28 year old co-pilot on the
intentionally doomed flight had passed all his physical and
psychological tests with flying colors (-pun intended?). But there
are two flaws with this corporate assurance:

(1) Police-administered and other sources of psychological
tests reveal their intentions simply by the questions they ask.
An intelligent yet emotionally-impaired person can successfully
pass these tests; I have taken several different ones of these--
subtle they are NOT.

(2) It's early days: how the Hell do any of these authorities
dare to say there are no terror links to this criminal multiple
murder? Andreas could have been a lone terrorist,
THEY DO EXIST--even if that is the rarer profile.

It was sickening to watch France 24, France's main
English Free Broadcast TV network today:
Lufthansa's high honcho kept talking about the damage
to his company, its image, etc. Almost as an afterthought,
this mucky-muck did deliver a one-sentence sentiment
sympathetic to the family and friends who were traumatized
by the loss of their loved ones in this violent event.
My previous post has errors; I'll explore them
right now: this week's crash was ostensibly not
directly related to ongoing concerns about "fly by
wire" technology....yet that same tech obviously
has no "fail safe" override computer programming
to cancel out darkly destructive cockpit human-
caused actions.
 But I'm not taking that post down, because the A320
doesn't have the vaunted safety record Lufthansa and
other airlines advertise about  all the Airbus models
in their fleets.

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  1. How sad, hellish, and horrid!! A Shame!!! My God!!!!!