Monday, March 16, 2015

Focusing on Fear Not in Israel's Interest--or Ours

So the ol' babe (-Bebe), thinks he 's the heir apparent,
entitled to the end. Mr. Netanyahu stoops to conquer,
bottom-lining everything by promoting fear forever for
Israel. Instead of dealing with several key domestic
issues, like too-expensive housing there, he harps on
the Palestinian threat.

Yes, many Palestinians hate Bebe (and Israel), with good
reason; we must acknowledge that if we are honest,
knowledgeable and fair. Both sides have done misdeeds
on violently epic scales, but the fact remains that Israel is
larger, has more money/military, is an internationally
recognized state, enjoying tremendous support from us.
The U.S. must become more even-handed in this struggle,
as President Jimmy Carter proved is possible...otherwise
we will be dragged into ever more stupid, shameless wars
(WWI comes to mind).

This time tomorrow, may recent internal Israeli polls
purportedly showing Bebe is losing prove prescient.

--Here's to Herzog!

Hope died for Herzog even before the polls closed.
Bebe (or Bibi) won a clear-cut victory--the hard-liners
and Orthodox Jews won the day, AGAIN. Those
pollsters who predicted a Herzog win were either lied
to, or they had faulty models to work from. That's all
this fractious Earth needs, more Netanyahus,
more Boehners, more Rauners, etc. Expect more
unrest and suffering, BET ON IT.


  1. I'm with you, Amber. Yep, like you say, Israel has all the cards. Yep, fear and hatred of the Palestinians and the Iranians seem to be the cornerstone of Bibi's campaign. I also get the sense that his overarching sense of self-entitlement doesn't sit well with many Israelis. But in the end, as long as the Likudniks and like-minded parties don't prevail in the Knesset, they won't get to choose Bibi.

  2. Reports on ABC world news tonight at 17 45 hours is the election is close. TOO CLOSE TO CALL!