Friday, April 24, 2015

A Guy's Gyro Copter Caper Gives New Meaning to "Going Postal"

Here we have a little paradox: an aging guy, Doug Hughes,
modest, self-abnegating postal worker, conceives a splashy
caper. He puts himself and 535 letters into his tiny gyro copter,
flying it from Gettysburg, PA over state lines into Maryland,
into restricted airspace, below the radar, landing on Congress'
lawn, where he produced the building's evacuation and  a
whole media and security kerfuffle...

But dear Douggie, he is modesty personified--it's not about
me, he insists; it's about all this big money controlling what
comes into and out of Washington, DC. --WHAT??
He can't be so unaware as all that. He knew he'd be
getting at least five minutes of fame, which must matter
to him, stunt-spending, planning and executing as he did.
With all the hoopla, most of his message went unremarked;
how had he missed that?

Most of us also think the many millions of dollars showering
unchecked over DC and NYC are a disaster--a second
Gilded Age more dangerous than the first. But Mr. Hughes
has been bitten by the celebrity bug, that's plain enough.
He would be better advised to take care of his bankruptcy he still employed by the U.S. Postal Service?

Meanwhile, the unconscionable political spending by the
Koch Brothers et al. continues in a ruinous, rushing river
flood, taking all of us with it. We've never had a democracy,
but the Republic we do have has almost capitulated to
an Oligarchy--so unnecessary if most adult Americans
would just do their damn job, read, speak out and vote.

Now, however, "going postal" has acquired a new meaning.



  1. Well Amber regarding DA BOYZ spending all that cash. IT;S ONLY MONEY! THE TAX payers the people;s money and not theirs.

    That copter makes me think of a Gyrro I think it is called. Made with lamb MMM! Or a gyrro salad. I wonder if that gentleman in the copter got any fries with that trio. Oh sorry that was the gyrro at the sub joint I was at last week.

    What I do wonder was er well ( WAS HE NUTS!!?) Wait a minute Mr postman. Well that would take us into a whole other area though. Oh the times we live in..

    He had better ot try flying that egg beater over Chicago.Who knows what DA Mayor would do!

  2. One more thing. I bet even thugh we have had a sitting president in the white house nearly 8 years, IF A BLACK MAN FLEW ANY WHERE NEAR the White houe , HE WOULD BE SHOT DOWN!, Shot up, then arrested and stuffed!!