Monday, April 13, 2015

Abolish American Aristocracy in Time for 2016

--When we'd better have better choices than the same
ol', same ol' names, namely, Kennedy, Clinton
and Bush. (--An aristocracy by any other name
STILL stinks, methinks!)

Regarding all these three families: Is our nation a
joke, or do we truly wish to give every qualified
person a chance to reach the top, elected-leader
wise?? That we don't call the Clintons lord and/or
lady doesn't disguise their presumption in handing
down their political power to spouse and  offspring.

Check Parliament in England, where you and yours
are awarded a seat in the House of Lords into
(-practically) perpetuity. Aren't both nations
aristocracies, yes or no?? Bill and Hill have publicly,
proudly proclaimed their only child, Chelsea, as
qualified to make a run for president some day.
In my book, in the USA, that's a no-go theorem...
along with the Bushes' desire to have THREE
U.S. presidents in one family, beating the Adams
and Roosevelt clans.

Chicago, Illinois: The Berrios family has taken
every political job except, perhaps, dog-catcher.
Ditto Daleys and Mells, to a fare-thee-well. (!)
This is NOT an inevitable  succession due to
fine family talent, civic-mindedness, etc. It IS
slurping up every last available public penny in
the taxpayers' trough--with so little shame!
Greedy ambition, a lust for fame, automatic
entrance to the game (entitlement), propel people
like these...then the nation, and the world, pay.

If fortune favors the bold, I'll just say it:
Abolish American aristocracy in time for
2016. Plenty of principle, political prowess
and acumen resides in others of our country
not named Bush, Clinton or Kennedy....

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  1. Amber. Former Minnesost Governor Jessee Ventura would second all you said.

    I have heard and read from several well known sources that a hand full of families really RUN America. One of the BIG ONES is in Chicago. Maybe some day there wil be more choice. More than just THE TWO PARTY choice.

    Also maybe the Chicago cubs will win ten world series in a row....................Have a great day..