Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The U.S. and Around the World: Good News This Week, April 1-8, 2015

First and foremost: Ferguson, Missouri has elected two
African-Americans (they now constitute the majority) to
its council. There was only one African-American serving
there previously, too frequently outvoted when it came to
concerns affecting the 67% Black population there, clearly
a travesty of purported fairness. How will the White minority
react to that? Are we seeing the last of South African-like
Apartheid in Missouri? Perhaps peace and equity will now
arrive there, perhaps last for a good while.

A White policeman has now been charged with murder in
South Carolina after killing a Black man during a routine
traffic stop in North Charleston...FINALLY! Better late
than never, I suppose, but cool comfort to the many families
tragically altered after their loved ones were murdered
in the same or similar scenario. More charges like this
may follow, forcing less-than stellar cops to up their
game and use intelligence, humanity and other skill sets
when dealing with other races or ethnic groups.

Even amid all the uproar and varied interpretations, a
seemingly workable deal was struck between Iran and the
U.S. re: No new nukes of a weapons nature. There will be
much ado still, but this is a significant step, one legally taken
by President Obama and the White House according to the
United States Constitution, despite the clamoring of the radical
right in Congress, each wishing to out-power and actually
BE the president.--Stay in your lane! Self-important radicals,
reread our highest law of the land once a week, and respect it;
you'll then be doing a superior job, rather than the inferior one
you're doing now, to the embarrassment of many millions.

It's a big world, apologists for the small world theory to the
contrary, so I've missed some positively inspiring news here,
I'm afraid. These three examples may make for some
good news to celebrate--and I, at least, will.

Best Wishes, everybody, and Happy Spring!


  1. My God!! Yes many nationally, world wide, and in other places need to stay in their lane.

    I hear see sea gulls so I believe spring is really here. Happy spring!

  2. Yes indeed, happy spring folks.

    Palpable progress in Ferguson for sure. The voter turnout was 24% as opposed to 14% last time 'round, but obviously enough to make a difference in the outcome. Let's home there's some meaningful impact.

    The video of the North Charleston execution was a godsend. The gentleman who made the videotape, a Dominican immigrant barber named Feidin Santana is a genuine hero. Had he not acted, an historic miscarriage of justice would have prevailed; it would have been the killer cop's word against that of the deceased. Whether there'll be any serious reforms remains to be seen.

    In regard to negotiations with Iran, let's hope that these jackass congressional Repubs don't gum up the works with help from Bibi. Earlier today, Ayatollah Khamenei declared that sanctions should be fully lifted as soon as an agreement is consummated, otherwise the Iranians might balk. IMO, there's no earthly reason why they shouldn't be lifted. So-called "snap-back" provisions have already been incorporated into the agreement. You know what Boehner, Netanyahoo & Company will say --- that Obama is caving in to terrorists. It's their not-so-thinly-veiled racism that's the problem. It seems as if they'll go to any length to prevent Obama from having a successful presidency.

  3. The situation in the middle east is heating up quickly last few days according to many reports.

  4. The situation in the middle east is heating up quickly last few days according to many reports.