Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nigeria's Good News: Good Luck, Jonathon, You'll Need It, Now

I hope Nigeria's new regime, a history-making first,
will eventually rid Nigeria of Boko Haram... at least
the new president, Muhammadu Buhari has vowed
to do so!  We will no longer see Mrs. Jonathon try
to run the nation by ill-advised fiat, now that "Good
Luck" has been voted out of the presidency there.

This is today's (04/01/'15) best news, for my money-
more to follow? Maybe we can also permanently bid
Charles Taylor bye-bye from the African political
scene as well, a fond future forever wish...even though
he's currently serving a prison sentence in England,
escapes are a part of his history, so I'm not betting
anyone's farm on a certainty here--recall that Napoleon
escaped at least once before he was done, and Taylor
did too, TWICE.

Good luck, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon. Play it straight
in your retirement--you'll almost have to, no??              


  1. Yes. All the best for Nigeria;s new hope!

    Can some one take up a collection to send Charles Taylor to a planet in another galaxy?

    1. --A biiiig collection is required AND desired...

    2. Hasn't Charles Taylor been gone for a spell now? I believe so.

      Goodluck Jonathan's successor, whose name escapes me at the moment, was Nigeria's head-of-state in the '90s, and has a history of being ham-fisted. He claims to have reformed. Hopefully it's true. Apparently Goodluck Jonathan, despite his catchy name, was deemed woefully ineffective as a leader by the majority of his constituents.

      One encouraging sign: Nigeria's president-elect, a Muslim, has appointed a Christian as his vice president.

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    4. Oops, my bad! I somehow managed to overlook the president-elect's name as I read your post: Muhammadu Buhari.

    5. Thanks, Dan, for recognizing my need to clarify the Taylor saga...I've done so here. He is a wily, influential @#$%^&, crimes against humanity notwithstanding, therefore still bears watching, even though incarcerated.

  2. A lot of failed Nigerians are here castigating the president of Africa most powerful nation Goodluck Ebele Jonathan , arguably the best president ever in the history of Nigeria ! Make no mistake most of jonathan's critics are a miniscule a negligible amount of losers who probably has never managed anything of note in their lives ! God bless you Mr president and God bless Nigeria. Thanks all. Best of luck.
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