Monday, June 29, 2015

WHAT "Post Racial" Society?

The euphoria many of us enjoyed at the election Barack
Obama in 2008 (--and the happy tears!) never destroyed
racism here or anywhere...have we progressed from bad
old days? Yes, because lynching is a hate crime now, and
many other atrocious anti-Black crimes formerly allowed/
ignored are taken seriously in all ethnic communities and
are legally prosecuted.

This past year, though, has been an alarming retrenchment
highly reminiscent of those bad old days: several churches
being set on fire, white cop killings of young unarmed
African American males, the mass murder of Black
church goers in South Carolina by a violently deranged
white youth, and other, if less traumatic incidents too
numerous to list here--What a tragic disgrace!

I have often attended services as one of only two
"white" persons at an AME denomination church.
The kindness and welcoming there can't be beat.
The musical energy and joy the regulars and the
choir exhibit are without  parallel--the musicians
are terrific, inspiring as well. Only one motivated
by the Prince of Darkness would intrude upon
such a setting.

I'm asking America:  WHAT "post racial" Society?
Where is it to be found? It exists in no nation, not
ours, or others, I'm certain. The dark, tribal-primitive
survivalist emotions of the human "family" going back
six million years is still very much part of our psyche.

But in those six million years of evolution, we HAVE
developed our pre-frontal cortex (that highest center
right behind one's forehead), the brain's capacity for
rational thought, studying the arts and sciences, will
power, controlling/modifying our behavior, etc.  By
actively focusing from this most important of all our
bodies' systems, we are better humans, less prone
to evil or thoughtless hurtful harm against others.

Meanwhile, in my alter ego as the Safety Monitor,
I strongly suggest Black churches install metal
detectors in their entrances and exits. Doesn't God
help those who help themselves?

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  1. What is really ironic, if more people investigated ther roots they may find RACES and other things unexpected. Many do not want the truth or reality I feel.

    How sad many of the anti war , anti evil establishment songs recorded in the nineteen sixties ( I E the late grear Marvin Gays WHAT;S GOING ON.I com up hard. ) are still as appropriate for now, even more so I feel.

    Decent people bothering no one( HMM?, a lot like Jesus was) Seem to be free game for many Evil out of control new world order establishment control freaks.

    God help us! That want it.

    One can only shudder and wonder what evil we will hear of in the news each day. Those supposed to help,serve us, etc, often strike out at the people it seems for little or no reason.

    We must live, share, love, learn, care, etc. It also seems all humans at home or out must watch our backs? Even when we think the GOOD GUYS , GALS are next to us or behind us. What seems to be in the hearts of SO CALLED civilized human beings and is manifesting as evil each day..

    Still there is good and good people in our world. I was stalked once in my life By a female so I am a little paranoid I admit. Because one is paranoid does not mean one is wrong for being so especially in our current times.