Wednesday, August 12, 2015

20 Want to Win the USA's Top Job--18 of Them Deeply Disappoint--This Is No Field of Dreams, But a Nightmare

Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both too old to serve
in 2017 as president:

(1) She is too secretive, seems to take for granted that she
is entitled, as her last name is Clinton. As of today (08/11/'15)
PBS, CBS, et al., announced ol' Hil (--OVER the hill, if anyone
asks me) is giving up her private server to be scrutinized by the least four of 40 of the ones she'd previously
submitted turned  out to be classified. She originally had
60,000 "private" emails at her home on that server; no one is
that personally popular!

(2) Mr. Sanders apparently acts for the greater good, seems to
be a fine person, but believes our economy, especially small
businesses, can afford to pay a minimum of $15/hr. to one
and all, regardless of their skill set. He thinks he can take us
back to the 1930s, when being a Socialist, or at least very
lefty, was a realistic alternative to Democratic and Republican
philosophies and candidates. This won't fly in 2015, 2016 or
2017, despite the large crowds populating his rallies, mostly
composed of very young adults, the old, and service workers.

That is 66% of the Democratic Party presidential candidate
field. I still hold hopes for former MD Governor O'Malley,
(D),who isn't too old, doesn't have too much baggage, and is
a moderate...but the media isn't doing its job, so we don't
see much from him yet.

As to the other 17 (the Republicans):--well, what can you say?
Most of them are too right-wing extreme, one isn't a natural
born U.S. citizen, another is clutching the coattails of a famous
family name, one is a crude, loudmouthed boor with no manners,
is ugly, makes strange facial expressions in public...perhaps
Kasich of Ohio is qualified and a moderate--he got good
reviews after the first real Republican Candidates debate.

This field of dreamers are a nightmare crop of embarrassment,
prompting scorn and concern around our nation and the rest
of the world. The 2016 Campaign will get serious after Labor Day,
so keep watching.

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  1. Yes it is a sad state of affairs. Now former Minnesota Covernor Jessee Ventura A SWORN INDEPENDENT Says he wants to be TRUMPS running mate.WOW!!