Friday, August 14, 2015

@ The Chicago Tribune: Weary of McQueary--She Extolls Hurricane Katrina as a Good Thing

Where to begin, what to decry?? I'm weary of
reporters like Kristen McQueary: too young
AND unstudied to restrain her enthusiasm for any
error, any time, about any subject. Let's examine
her article in said paper, dated August 13, 2015:

(1) Kristen, from where do you derive your assertion
that "Chicago is so good at hiding its rot"?? Much of
our world, in particular, our whole state, knows about
most of it: TIFs, nepotism, cronyism, corrupt or illogical
deals, racism, ad infinitum. Readers reading exclusively,
narrowly, perhaps may still harbor a few illusions, but most
of us, alert, aware, and past the age of 40, do not.

(2) About your extravagant praise of Paul Vallas:
--WHAAT?? --Are you a relative, Ms. McQueary?
You must be too young and unstudied, or you would
recall Vallas exiting Illinois oh so swiftly after his glowing
students' scores/statistics showing how he improved the
Chicago Public Schools were found to be "rounded up".
His more recent  reinventions and high-level positions
do not impress me--he is very like that extremely
ambitious "wonder woman" in DC who became
disgraced after HER district's "improved scores"
were ALSO discovered to be false. Then there was
the personally revealing episode at the end of an
appearance with about ten others; as the Channel 11
camera panned from the viewer's left to right, Vallas,
the last on the viewers' right, leaned over further,
attempting to remain in the frame...tsk! I know there's
more dirt, but we will move on.

(3) There is nothing amusing, uplifting or inspiring
about KMc's desire for a Chicago catastrophe:
if she is trying to "artfully", outrageously observe that
significant progress usually only occurs after a crisis,
for my money, she fails. Gallows humor is NOT her
metier. The suffering, death and destruction dealt by
Katrina to New Orleans was/is not funny; I knew the
storm would go beyond a Category Three, three days
before the hurricane hit, as I follow NOAA, PBS, read
science articles, etc. Therefore, the federal government
under Bush II, FEMA, Louisiana officials, etc. are
completely culpable. (I knew, and I'm not even a
college graduate; so what was wrong with all "the
deciders"? Apparently the idiots were running
the store, YET AGAIN...and the innocent paid,
yet again.)

(4) Kristen follows with a fairly factual wrap up
of Chicago's financial fiddling and fiduciary shame,
yet she doesn't suggest substantive solutions in the
realm of the possible. (At this point I'm channeling
Chris Matthews, thinking, tell me something I don't

(5) Kristen Mc takes to task people who lack
understanding of her purportedly pithy
prescriptions/proscriptions. She says they should
"have their heads examined". I say she should study
more, opine less. Adam Johnson at AlterNet accuses
ol' Kristen of Ayn Rand sympathies...quite likely.


Memo to the Tribune Editorial Board: All of you
should have had YOUR collective heads examined,
allowing this twit on your board, once a brilliant
board on a once very fine paper.

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  1. First. Amber. Did you say and really mean TWIT? GOOD!!!

    I was born, raised, lived in Chicago 31 years of my life. Moved to bedford falls here 24 years ago. I do not miss the city and wish I would have left sooner and I will probably never EVER return to live there...

    Thank GOD for what is left of independent news, wtc..