Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Governor Rauner: Robbing the Poor to Save a Radical Right Theory

The hard-hearted and the tone deaf have another
advocate, Governor Rauner of Illinois. Shock
and awe after the Chicago Tribune's McQueary
publicly pined in print for a "Katrina" to hit Chicago
has subsided; less talked about is the earlier
attempt of Gov. Rauner to take some $265
Million in winter energy funds for the poor
to plug the giant $6 Billion budget hole here.
(See Crain's Chicago Business, February 23rd,

There are so many reasons to hate this "plan",
but I merely submit a telling few:

(1) How significant an accounting coup is
$265 Million vs. a $6 Billion debt? The
math is less than compelling.
(2) How realistic is the guv being, facing
a veto-proof, Democratic two house
majority in Springfield? The Democrats,
even if relatively modestly paid, dearly
wish to retain their seats; the poor, unions
and seniors generally vote Democratic.
The math HERE is quite compelling.
(3) Rauner, being philosophically in
lockstep with the likes of the Koch
Brothers, et al., shows his true bent.
The elderly and the poor can freeze
this Winter, all to show Rauner's rich
cohorts he is serious about adhering
to their radical right theories--there is
little other impetus for such hard-hearted

A reverse Robin Hood does no one
good--unless you happen to be as rich
as Rauner...if not, why, you are unworthy,
not to be considered, cared about, cared for.

We will wait to see the decline of this one
term wonder. How did he get elected, anyway?


  1. Rauner was elected for the same reason that our equally flint-hearted northern neighbor keeps getting elected. Too many folks who are likely to vote Democratic take a rain check on the midterms, which is when most governors and state legislator stand for election.

    Also, the Democrats tend to field too many lackluster, uninspiring candidates. Scott Walker has never faced a strong opponent. Remember too, Harrumphing Old White Dudes always vote!

  2. Amber. Dan. Right on! You have said it all.

    I will say this. If you have a problem with Rauner ( I did NOT vote for him.)Mr Trumo I feel is WORSE than our governor. I understand from several sources our SO CALLED PEOPLES governor Rauner well IT IS SO HARD to get an appointment to see him..Patti Vasquez of wgn radio has been to springfield often over the years( Even before her fame she and her husband have a special needs child0 Her segments on her show have been educational for me.

    I do say again in our times WE MUST WATCH ALL , ALL, ALL, THESE politicians. A cats right and left paw ARE ATTACHED to the same cat. Think it over.

    Many of THOSE POLIES as my Ausie friends call them do not feel what they choose to and do whip on us all. Have a great day . STAY alert. Oh Former Governor Jessee Ventura says he may offer to run with Trump.HUH! He is an independent, OH REALLY? and the band played on, RAP ON BROTHER, RAP ON! Vote for me and I,LL SET YOU FREE! NOT!!