Monday, August 3, 2015

Hippocratic Or Hypocritical Oath? Two Late July Expose's Prove Doctors Are Corrupt Too

According to NBC Chicago TV, July 27, doctors
will sign a letter stating an airplane passenger can
require the presence of his/her ESA--an animal to
provide comfort to the vaguely (read: unspecified)
health-challenged person. These doctors are paid
for this "certification", naturlich. ESA is the acronym
for Emotional Support Animals, which have included
cats, dogs, chickens and other species. The ESAs are
not trained as are seeing-eye dogs, which can offer
effective assistance in an on-board emergency, as
ESAs cannot. There are reports of planes returning to
the tarmac for "sanitary reasons", delaying flight
schedules. What ethical doctor facilitates this madness?
(Third World nation status, here we come.) The sad
answer is--many doctors are corrupt, just as teachers,
priests, others often are, ad infinitum.

--But wait! A mere three days later, on July 30th,
The Chicago Sun-Times carried a story about
doctors serving at a West Side hospital called
"Sacred Heart". Ed Novak, the substandard
hospital's owner, bribed doctors to send patients
to Sacred Heart, a site infested with maggots
on occasion. Hmmmn..."Sacrilegious Heart"
would be the more accurate moniker. Good ol'
Ed will spend some four and a half years behind
bars for his tape heard in court; he claimed to have
no concern for the community, an acknowledgedly
poor one. For shame, doctors, demerit pages,
participating (if you have) in this kickback conspiracy,
e.g., corruption.

Carefully check out your doctors before accepting
diagnosis and treatment: the life you save may be
your own. Make sure the physicians in question
know and accept the difference between the
Hippocratic Oath (do no harm) and any
hypocritical one, which may mean you
harm indeed.

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  1. I feel I have checked my doctors out. One I have had a great relationship for decades. .Now

    I was born with health issues, still dealing eith some, had surgeries, mis diagnoses, stereo typing etc. I have SEVERAL Relatives, Former DOLL I mean Lady friends, w etc IN THE MEDICAL BUSINESS. I had a relationship with a young Lady doctor ) NO NOT A DOCTOR OF MINE A Pediatrician. 0 Well Amber I could tell you stories. The first time I was called the N WORD was a med student. Call my room mate a slur for spanish speaking people.

    I have seen some DANGEROUS, HATEFUL, IST( RACIST, SEXIST, ETC) Docs and medical typed in my day. RIGHT check ANY ONE in this life out well especially those over your our health care KEEP checking over the months and years too.