Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Tale of Two Pities: Chris Harris vs. "Chris" Welch

The Illinois Seventh Legislative District has a paucity of choices
for Illinois House Rep in 2016. First, there are two democrats
vying for the position, but no republican.  This is one of the
biggest problems Illinois has; republicans have mostly hoisted
the white flag in our state, with the exception of certain notorious
extremely rich right wingers, Governor Rauner included. There
ARE moderate republicans serving in Springfield: the media
ignominiously ignores them.

Second, I cannot bring myself to vote for either Chris,
for different reasons: Atty. Welch has a checkered,
expensively scandalous history helming  D209, not that
long ago. His two-term current incumbency is straight
out of Mike Madigan's playbook, his campaign lit is
full of "I feel your pain" picturesque photos. Are these
his true sentiments, or under pressure, would he abandon
the less fortunate?

Former Forest Park Commissioner Chris Harris is
consistently combative, a prominent personality feature
the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board swiftly surmised,
reluctantly backing Mr. Welch. Mr. Harris' experience
is legislatively limited to his one term on the Forest Park
Village Council. He has run for several higher offices,
attaining none of them. He demonstrably plays fast
and loose with the facts; I know so because I've
checked...often. I've had to.

I could disgustedly drone on, but one thing's sure:

I'm taking a republican ballot and writing in MY
OWN NAME. In this tale of two pities, I'm
virtually certain I could do a better job than
either Chris.

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