Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kids Killing Kids:Grandparents, Guns, and Average Americans' Low Intelligence

Six children this year, fledgeling as 2016 is, have
had access to their grandparents' guns and maimed
or killed another child or themselves. One grandmother
kept the gun under her pillow while she AND the
youngster slept together! What went wrong here??
Let me count the ways:

(1) Few understand the Founding Fathers' intent
with respect to the Second Amendment.
"...a well-regulated militia" cavalierly brushed
aside, so anyone, addlepated, careless, paranoid
though they may be, feels he or she should be
armed, often to the teeth.

(2) Since it has never been proven that there are
 geniuses residing in every home, on every block,
the low intelligence/ignorance of average Americans,
married to our current entitlement mania produces
this unholy series of sad, preventable events--
more to follow, an entirely safe bet.

(3) In a civilized society, children SHOULD be
our priority in terms of safety, at the very least.
The carelessness of these grandparents must be
punished with stiff legal penalties, such as willful
negligence, contributing to the harm of minors,
even involuntary manslaughter. But where have
these irresponsible adults been held accountable?
Usually sympathy for the tragedy allows these
idiots-yes, idiots-- to skate off without jail time.

I don't want to hear how wonderful this nation
is. Until children are protected, nurtured and
educated as they deserve, this country, and
any such others, do not get my approval in any
meaningful way.

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  1. Very well stated as usual Amber.

    I also feel many Americans have an ( AND I QUOTE THEY DO NOT CARE mentality, spirit, and lifestyle.) Kids killing kids Many of my people( BLACK people) sad to say are doing the same but that is another sad subject....

    Grand parents, parents, many are very different today. I am not speaking positively either as we all know all to well. I have met MANY grandmas, and grand pas that admit back in the day ( THEY WERE THUGGIN , BUGGIN, FIGHTING, ETC)

    I feel it is like a good friend of mine that has Thank GOD been recovered from alcohol saidand I quote ( PEOPLE HAVE TO HIT ROCK BOTTOM, GET TO THE END of them selves! ) Many are not really tiredof the anger, RAGE, violence, DEATH! KILLING! I heard of two people found dead in my family,s old hood on the west side( THE WEST SIDE as I know you know Amber was once a very nice, vibrant place to live. The man and woman were found dead less than a block from where the family home was. GOD HELP US! We have a long way to go and much more of this.