Monday, February 29, 2016

People and Politics: Always a Case of the Emperor's New Clothes

The old children's folktale got it right: people lie, deny, obfuscate,
procrastinate, etc. ...anything to avoid directly dealing with the
truth, especially regarding the powerful.

Take Trump (-please!) for example. Why are so few Americans
afraid to tell the truth about him AND his followers? Rarely does
a major media maven dare to say "the Donald is ignorant and so
are his supporters, period".  That simple sentence is nothing but a
sad truism--most people just aren't that bright; real perspicacity
is relatively rare. Our Founding Fathers, most of whom WERE
mind-bendingly brilliant, recognized reality, deciding, therefore,
to give us a democratic republic, NOT a direct democracy. The
Electoral College is probably a necessary filter between the
unthinkingly unaware and a disastrous dissolution, AKA
a failed state. Check Syria and The Sudans, currently merely
a few failed states I could name.

Benjamin Franklin's words have come down to us in 2016 from
1787, when he left the Constitutional Convention. He was asked
about the new form of government; tellingly, he replied,
"a republic, madam, if you can keep it".

Keeping it demands intelligence, effort, participation and study
...playing around  with an  Emperor's New Clothes' sort
of denial, defamation, degradation, demagoguery, etc. is
guaranteeing we will lose it.


  1. Well stated as usual Amber. You are not afraid, Nor am I of Trump and his type. However Amber. I feel many in America have a spirit of fear and frankly have much to hide them selves. As R kelly sang many are on ( THE DOWN LOW! )Money talks and walks. In the end I feel morality , truth and justice will win.

    I will vote early AND NOT FOR TRUMP!I have been aware of hime for over 20years. He is horrible on many levels. If I had time I would get into how Dr Ben Carson I feel the most educated among them is acting almost I feel medicated, timid, sheepish, etc.. Lets see Locally, nationally, WORLD WIDE what the elections bring us..

    Oh Amber The NEW WORLD ORDER ELITE Many including myself often talk about, Well Donald Trump is a GREAT, FRIGHTENING example of AN ELITSIT, NEW WORLD ORDER TYPE! Have a great day! Tomorrow is the first day of medeorological spring, LOL really, HAPPY SPRING!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about "Meteorological Spring", when I've been focused on the March 13th time change and the first day of Spring, March 20th, Palm Sunday.

  2. I voted early ( BUT NOT OFTEN LOL a little humor there) Yesterday in SHANGRILAH the town next to BEDFORD FALLS HERE. I VOTED DEMOCRAT, NOT FOR HILLARY either.I voted for man NEW PEOPLE . NATIONALLY AND LOCALLY. Well lets see how it all turns out in NOVEMBER! Depending on how this all shakes out by NOVEMBER Amber. I may choose to Write in YOUR NAME or Mine....

  3. Dear Mr. N, You made me laugh with your mention of "Shangrilah". I have personal reasons why I'm voting in "Bedford Falls" on March 15th, taking a Republican Ballot so I can vote for Gov. Kasich instead of Trump or Cruz. As I posted, I'm writing my own name for our state rep on my paper ballot...I can't vote for either Chrises, as I deeply dislike/distrust them both. I actually ran for state rep against that horrible Bruce Farley when we both lived in North Center; I collected 400 of the 600 required petition signatures. I bowed out of the race, even though my committeeman and a number of Korean businessmen along Lincoln Ave. supported me. It was a wise decision which I have never regretted.

    1. WOW! Amber that is deep!Please ( If you have not already done so write a book!If Senator Clinton gets the democratic Nomination, I may have to cross to the other side and write in your name. I find her frightening, Too many smoking guns around her, AROUND the CLINTON clan period I feel! Where there is a lot of smoke there is fire. I believe her and Mr Trump separately may be in court.Iunderstand and respect you must vote for who you deeply feel is bestin all the races. I willbe glad when this election season is over! God bless! Oh time change Grrr time to conform,LOL Have a great day!

  4. Amber. I keep forgetting to mention. Click on any of those little gray boxes ( Look like little tv,s ) Under or next to my blogs that takes you directly to a comment area and where other posts are.