Saturday, March 26, 2016

Back to HUAC? Bad Old Days Are Now New Bad Days

If you aren't inclined to read American political history, you
may be unaware of the U. S. Rep House Un-American
Activities Committee from the 1950s (HUAC), where many
careers and lives were ruined in "Red" baiting based on the
flimsiest evidence. The current crop of right-wing "republicans"
(they're not real republicans, but are much closer to fascisti)
want to throw the babies out with the bathwater YET
AGAIN, by proposing patrolling Muslim-American
neighborhoods (got $$$, support and manpower for that,
Crazy Cruz??), by strongly suggesting Muslims of any sort
from everywhere be barred from entrance to the USA, etc.,
courtesy of Trump. Then Ben Carson, that well-known U.S.
Constitution's "venerated legal scholar", said that Muslim
philosophy does not meet the federal documents' stipulations

Add to all that disgusting drek the assault on women's rights,
minority voters' rights (--remember the poll tax?), the
recent rise of white cop murders of young Black men, illogical
(therefore irrational) Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens
United vs. the FEC; what you must then surely see is an
evil witches' brew of ignorance, intolerance, intransigence,
fear--hate, period. The rise of the rabble (which the media
mentions in code --"we are so surprised about Trump's success")
has serious, negative consequences for anyone of us interested
in the survival of our republic (--No, we do not have a
democracy, we've got a representative republic).

Sadly, over decades and centuries, there are  "dark age-
like" down-swings which come to the fore--and we've been
in one for decades, as many including me have been tracking
and protesting it...

Bad new days, bad old days, aren't they all the same? Let's
bid them a not fond farewell; the work required is awe-
inspiring, but I hope, not exactly like the Myth of Sisyphus.



  1. Amber. I remember hearing on the radio when mylate great DAD and Momma. listened to music I believe it was called EVERY THING OLD IS NEW AGAIN. There is another saying , if we do not know our history and do not learn from it we will make the same mistakes, etc. How ironic for many reasons I will not go into here MY PEOPLE, BLACK PEOPLE do not really know their history and many seem not to care. I care and have always investigated history .

    Life is wonderful. It is better than death. JESUS CHRIST my , OUR LORD AND SAVIOR who this day is all about came to save the souls of sinners. That we may have life and have it more abundantly! Many seem to be well LIKE or have the spirit of ANTI CHRIST. they want to STEEL , KILL, DESTROY in many peoples, nations, lives. To dictate. TO BE PART OF THE so called NEW WORLD ORDER! THE ELITE! The same OLD TAKE OVER,gangstering of people, bullying , and control. Sad that many do not seem to have a clue of what is right in front of us all over the world. Yes Amber Let us all look at and study our history, We it seems are repeating it now We I feel will not like the out come either.

    HAPPY EASTER to all those that follow it!

  2. P.S I feel much of what happened during WORLD WAR TWO and that era and also just before the death and Christ is GOING ON RIGHT NOW!Many say There is just a problem with my inner peace. I say no BUNK! my mind, and spiritual 20 20 eyes see what is clearly before me!