Monday, June 27, 2016

Sexual Perversity in Chicago: A "Third Brother Darrell" Bob Newhart Never Knew

An entire eleven pages in the Chicago Reader
(June 9th, 2016) and a follow-up two pages
(June 16th, 2016) were devoted to Profiles,
a non-equity theater specializing in REAL
on-stage violence and sexual violation--this is
NOT acting, any more than the gladiators'
performances at the Roman Colosseum were
acting OR "Art". ( The lions likely would agree.)

What can be said about all the actors and the
others at this small space who put up with
former Texan Darrell Christopher/Cox's
physical, sexual and verbal abuse? What were
the women thinking who allowed this behavior
to continue? Most of them had other jobs, so
Profiles was not necessary to life. --Did they
hunger to be watched THAT much??--EEW.

Don't get me started on the fools (AKA critics)
at the Jeff Awards, which honored Killer Joe
with three awards. They should take a time
machine back to the past, about 160 years or
more, and join the Know Nothing Party-they'd
fit right in. Along with the audience, they too have
trouble distinguishing reality from "realization".
Real people really acting, NOT acting out, deliver
important performances; anyone can be a brute, a
misogynist, etc. without a Hell of a lot of prompting
OR skill. P.S.: that tiny theater has space for 50; how
could anyone miss the mayhem? --"Intimate", indeed.

Some of the actors who knew Cox well declined to
be interviewed for the Reader's expose' is easy
enough to discern why: Darrell, who appears to be
a psychopath and a sociopath, is a large male, capable
of maiming or killing with his bare hands. These victims
now realize they were complicit in the crimes against
them on and off stage, never reported, very much like
abused spouses. Cox's Profiles peers felt mollified by
a full house night after night? That reminds me of the
gapers' block phenomenon, not art appreciation by
an audience of the cognoscenti.

One former Profiles employee described the whole
ensemble as resembling "a little bit of a cult" mentality.
--Try a LOT. Profiles should be closed. This much
perversity (craziness) must not be admired or desired.

Sexual Perversity in Chicago, originally a play by David
Mamet, later a  movie, has now become "a thing". If you
want to avoid such a seamy, degrading experience,
boycott Profiles and its ilk elsewhere in the theater world.

Darrell, a third brother Bob Newhart never knew.

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  1. Oh yes, perversity is more than just the name of a play Amber it describes the downward trend in our world. Disrespect ( Not just intolerance ) is rising faster than the stock market ever could! I read the stories about that INFAMOUS Chicago theater.Also another example of the attitude, SEE no evil, Hear no evil, Do not RAT on any evil!

    This mentality, VERY negative, that has become a spirit and lifestyle of violence, perversion, etc, sad to say is moving at warp speed in our society with no signs of it stopping any time soon...