Monday, August 15, 2016

All About the Money, Honey: The Authorites Allow Faulty Ferris Wheels to Turn Again

According to the Chicago Sun-Times' USA Today's August 14th
inclusion, the State of Tennessee allowed an amusement ride
company to move on to four other county fairs there, even after
an accident caused by said company's equipment failure, which
can't have had time to be adequately inspected OR repaired.

At least Greene County, where the accident occurred, canceled
the contract for this amusement ride operator; meanwhile, the
Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
last Friday renewed the operating permit for Family Attractions
shortly set to expire.

Family Attractions and the state obviously care more about the
rides bringing in the bucks than they do about children's safety.
Briley Reynolds, 6, and her sister Kayla, 10, along with a 16
year old unnamed girl were injured last Monday by the ride's
bucket tipping, tossing the girls 25 feet to the ground. Their
injuries ranged from serious head trauma to a broken arm.

Thumbs up to Greene county, thumbs DOWN to the state
for their telltale actions in this sad scenario, which is
not unique in the USA...

--"Family Attractions"? Sure, if a real life horror show is
what you're after, and if risking a child's life and/or limb
is an acceptable trade-off in the ever-frenetic search
for fun.

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  1. Well stated. Amber I have known some people that recently worked at fairs, amusement parks etc. Stories they told me and friends were interesting and very SHOCKING!