Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump, "Treason" and Republican Members of our House and Senate

Apparently, treason is what you can make of it:

(A) Some U.S. members of Congress have released
some of Hillary's email documents containing the
notation (C), meaning said document is Classified,
which I question, as I'm familiar with a large stamp
clearly, fully, stating "Classified" across the first page
of any such document; BUT if that is true, why on
Earth would such Republican officials release supposed
Classified materials to the world at large?
That, to me, IS treason, not forgetting STUPID.

(B) Donald Trump has asked Russian hackers to
delve into our national affairs, particularly purported
"missing" thousands of Ms. Clinton's emails formerly
on her private server at her home in NY. THAT,
unambiguously, IS TREASON--requesting another
nation's criminals to inspect our private documents.

There is no doubt more I could cite and recite, but
all this dangerously illegal ignorance/stupidity just
shows the psychotic nature of  Trump and his rabble-
roused/aroused. Yes, I'll stick to my guns employing
this term, will continue to do so unless/until the behavior
of these people changes.

Meanwhile, the charge of Treason will be bandied
about, betraying the savage lust for power at any
cost certain U.S. right-wingers readily display.

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  1. WOW! An excellent explanation of the Trump mentality..