Saturday, August 6, 2016

Donald Trump: Long Gone Over the Hill, Hasn't He, Asking "Why Can't We Use Our Nuclear Weapons?" But DID He Actually Ask?

As one retired general has commented recently, the military
probably would not allow Trump to detonate a nuclear bomb
without an EXTREMELY compelling reason. But Donald,
obviously as abysmally ignorant as he is undeterred, reportedly
asked, why not? This alarming story involves an amount of hefty
hearsay, as MSNBC's Joe Scarborough won't reveal the name of
the person who "heard" Donald Trump ask, not once but three
times, we have nuclear  weapons, why can't we use them?
The unnamed security expert was queried with these questions
a few months ago, but "Morning Joe" brought it to the public
only on August 3rd.

Trump has denied the story, which won't gain credibility without
the "anonymous" source coming forward. Anyone can cowardly
hide while making accusations; where exactly IS this security
adviser? P.S.: why won't the media stop using anonymous
sources? They really don't contribute to any of us becoming
reliably informed, but inflaming us IS working, while increasing
media anchors' bank accounts. (Many TV stations are doing
quite well too.) Still, the Donald has made similar remarks in
public, so Joe's expose' might be right after all.

A psychotic, egocentric individual whose business acumen, in
spite of his three billions, is seriously open to question (four
bankruptcies, a NOT-accredited Trump "University", etc.)
has snared the Republican Party's nomination for president
in 2016. The moderates in the party didn't know how to rise
up forcefully or articulately enough to counter the ignoramuses,
hence, here's Trump.

The rise of the rabble is a current scenario predicted by renowned
psychiatrist Carl G. Jung in a little paperback, The Undiscovered
Self. From page 93: "... The accumulation of individuals who have
got into this critical ( upset) state starts off a mass movement
purporting to be the champion of the suppressed...the cry goes up
for political and social changes which...whenever this demand is
fulfilled, political and social conditions arise which bring the
same ills back again in altered form." Published in 1957, the good
doctor's context is a larger admonishment, advising each person
to try to deal honestly with his or her true nature (instincts), not
just the one constructed via the strictures of society ("civilization").

For those belatedly attempting to dethrone Donald from the
ticket before November 8th, I have an encouraging note:
The U.S. Constitution is silent regarding political parties,
even if the Federalist Papers isn't, warning everyone about
the "dangers of factions" --parties. (Yes, political parties
existed well before 1776.) Whatever mechanism can be
brought to bear to unseat Trump should shortly engage...

Unless the rest of us are willing to follow Trump and his
rabble over the hill into oblivion.

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  1. I deeply and truly feel that the spirit and mind set that was in this world when Adolf S Hitler was coming into power and spreading evil world wide is with us again. When people do not learn from history we always repeat it. Some of us maybe more than we realize are not falling for it and see what is going on.