Thursday, February 15, 2018

02/2018: PBS/Frontline Focus on Latino Gangs Left Out Telling Facts and Questions

...such as why the authorities in that NY high school (Huntington
High) did not photograph the supposed MS13 gang name on the
ejected student's arm. I presume they didn't or that would have
been shown--merely verbal insistence that it was seen. The 18
year old, Jesus, insisted it was his girlfriend's first name, but again,
no pix validated his claims.

The memo erroneously referring to this supposed miscreant as
"Polaco", an egregious error by ICE/Suffolk County, at least
proves in print that there is haste, rush to judgment, etc. Inane
profiling criteria such as T shirts sporting the Chicago Bulls
horned logo and wearing the color Blue seems to indicate a
stunning lack of accurate intel, i.e., precious little true intelligence
in the sad and horrifying mix. Officials in Suffolk and Nassau
Counties declaring an assault on New York's violent gangs relied
on sketchy info from two high schools (Huntington and
Brentwood). Despite regulation haircuts and suits, some sounded
embarrassingly inarticulate and uninformed when interviewed by

Yes, undocumented young illegals are part of a messy and
complicated immigration dilemma dogging/dodging order and
economics in our larger states, New York, California, Illinois,
Colorado, Florida. Agribusiness, janitorial services and the retail
food industry love paying paltry wages to those fearful of ICE and
the INS.  All young illegals are not gang members; most are trying
to fit in to our hypocritical culture that proclaims a welcome
embodied in the Statue of Liberty and the famous Emma Lazarus
poem--a welcome that has actually never existed here, not without
order, qualifications and legal system documentation. The automatic
assault weapons used in violence around the planet and here at
home are provided for profit by the American armaments industry,
so someday, maybe,  Congress can defy the NRA and the gun
manufacturers to severely limit this disgrace underlying so much
death, destruction and disruption.

No one apparently dares to ask a few hard questions about why
natural born adult citizens of these violent crime infested countries
such as Mexico and El Salvador don't unite, rise up and fight for
a more just and rational society. Yes, that would necessitate bravery
and understanding the real risk to life and limb, but isn't it a
worthwhile proposition? El Chapo IS incarcerated, despite many
clever and outlandish escapes, countries around the world have
shucked off dictators and colonialists, so it has been done,
although not easily or commonly.

The Latino cultures (full disclosure, I'm Hispanic), like Asian
societies, prize the sons over the daughters. Hispanics even value
vaunting "Machismo", their special term. Mothers often go along
with this, defending criminal sons, saying "he's done nothing wrong".
(If I hear that tired, loyal/loving denial once more I'm going to write
a diatribe castigating that very phrase!) The Chinese put their newly
born daughters in beautiful ceremonial garb out in forests to die of
exposure, to comply with the "one child" policy which has now
relaxed, allowing two per couple. All other societies subtly
demonstrate preference of male over female, sadly, but
overvaluing testosterone leads to crime and violence, world
history proves, so:

Adults of the planet must become more responsible, must think more
deeply about consequences of their acts to themselves and others,
stop worshipping their tribe/ethnicity/race, society, etc. If humanity
does not mature (evolve), forever repeating the mass murders of
going to war either domestically or internationally, we will continue
to mimic the group behavior of ants, just as Dr. Wilson, Harvard
Emeritus, Entomology, discusses on PBS documentaries and in his
controversial book, Sociobiology.

Life on Earth can't wait for another thousand years to achieve
"civilization", a much abused word humans wrongly apply
to themselves.


  1. Amber. YES!b

    I feel the problems with PEOPLE ( No matter their sex, race, status, etc) TOO many people ignore various elephants sitting on kitchen tables, etc! Too many CHOOSE to be emotionally, socially, spiritully in all ways , deaf, mute, and blind on many issues in our world! Finger point ( However they have four of their own fingers pointing back at them and a thumb that also could point right back at them!

    If we all knew just who ALL were behind and supporting various gangs, thugs etc it would probably shock us. I feel behind rougue teens there ALWAYS are SEVERAL adults behind the scene helping them do evil and wrong.

    Lots of sweeping things under the rug in our world instead of dealing with them. When society hits ROCK BOTTOM as I fear and feel we are nearing in our society ROCK BOTTOM, then and only then will many CHOOSE to wake up and do something positive to deal with the worlds ills.

  2. Ps. Sorry wearing oder glasses and I am not the best typist anymore so hitting extra keys etc.

    I would also hope more people will realize aa admit there are elements in our world called GOOD and EVIL. Also NOTHING GOOD or BAD ever just happens. It is planned by people. Problems not dealt with always turn into HORRIBLE things.

    1. You can't be any worse than me re: typing> I have to look at the keyboard and even so, with this new pc keypad, my fingers tend to slide to other unwanted keys, ugh! Best Wishes, Lester!

    2. Amber .Thank you., I have not been a 75 words per minute typist for a long time now so I have to look at the key board also