Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Skepticism is a Scientific Method Requirement --Time to Apply Some to So-Called Viral Experts

---BOY!! During this H3N2 flu season (the worst strain currently
floating about), it was only natural to consult whatever authorities
one could find  to determine how long the virus lasts on surfaces.
Since most people constantly touch their faces, especially near their
nostrils, often after touching some infected doorknob or other
commonly-accessed object, this could be highly helpful, relevant indeed...

until you come across these numbers: 15 minutes, a few days, weeks,
six months, etc. These widely inconsistent figures for various virus
lifespans does not inspire confidence in the scientific rigor of these
"studies" conducted at major universities and institutions of repute.
Even allowing for disclaimers such as "...many complicating factors
..." etc. these discrepancies can only point to one conclusion:
the research was badly done, it is immaterial and irrelevant where
done, prestige and tradition notwithstanding.


To defeat this flu cycle, stay away from crowds and sick people,
stay home from work or school if infected, if possible; don't touch
your face UNTIL after you've washed your hands and wash them
often: clean off doorknobs, taps, pc keyboards, etc. If you have to
go to the store, wear a mask, carry a lot of tissue, etc. These methods
should cut down on the 49 U.S. states now being hammered  by
H3N2, which can develop into pneumonia and a death sentence for
those immunocompromised.

I see a few phone calls to those enjoying a career in science as
to what they are playing at--admit to the lack of funding/manpower/
expertise, and say, "It depends: some viruses last for a short time,
others far longer, we really don't know."

At least THAT would be more honest, therefore, scientifically


  1. Amber. Ii totally agree! Great advice!

  2. One more thing. I feel many people should stop going around blaming people( EVEN PEOPLE THEY DO NOT KNOW NOR HAVE THEY EVER MET ) and I quote( YOU CAN NOT OR DO NOT get a flu shot YOU ARE GIVING flu to me and everybody!!) Bunk! Many CAN NOT take flu shots .