Friday, February 23, 2018

The USA: Every Day Violence in Speech

--"Pull the trigger", "It was a shooting match," "Take your best
shot", ad infinitum, ad nauseam. These and many other similar
expressions are frequently found on police procedurals
AND in everyday life, used by various talking head media
mavens. Because we are copy cats, the average Joe and Joanna
spout such phrases when they are spicing up various calls to
action having nothing to do with guns and/or violence...need
to make a decision? "Pull the trigger". Achieved mastery or
success? "I killed it". (You can now see the toothpaste test
ad where a young woman "crushed it" after her whiter
tooth win).

Our whole society is inextricably intertwined with violence--
from the news, political reaction, TV and movie fiction, in
the home, the school, everywhere. This phenomenon runs
deep indeed, no one can "drill down" to find its bottom
so as to extirpate it. Realizing what this means to stopping
tragic outrages like the latest school murders in Florida,
my mood is grim indeed. No wonder Congress won't
pass stricter gun laws--the NRA's moneyed tentacles
are not the only stumbling blocks to fewer murders
here at home.

It could happen--most adults in their millions could
rise, unite, and demand better laws, better entertainment,
better behavior from one another. But how likely, in the
immediate future, is it?

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