Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catching the Facts: Romney Needs a New Mitt

He's at it again, the man who would be the next
U.S. president. "Mitt" Romney couldn't catch a slow
"fact ball" written with a black magic marker in
capital letters:

(1) Hey, Mitt, Al Gore DID just about invent the internet.
Ask "Vint" Cerf, one of the two tech wizards who actually
converted code from Arpanet/Darpanet into the worldwide web.
Gore's tireless promotion in the U.S. senate of the technology
formerly only used to communicate between universities, our
government and the military became the law which released
said technology to the public....yeah, even to you, Mitt.

(2) The United States government, and OTHER nations'
governments, have INDEED created jobs, millions of them
over the decades: Who built our country's highway system in
the 1950s and '60s? Taxpayer funded projects authorized by
Congress in concert with President Eisenhower, in 1959.
Presidents TR (a republican) and cousin FDR (a democrat) also
instituted mammoth work projects. Ditto Kennedy, Clinton,
and others. The many agencies that protect our medical health
and physical safety/security are paid for by the taxpayers,
enacted by our government.

How is it that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts elected
this bonehead to its highest office? Or is he intentionally
misleading less than astute average voters? Which do you like
better, stupidity or cupidity?

Let's make sure the rest of us pull on a better "catcher's
mitt" than Romney's.

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