Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Second Amendment Future Fantasies

It's a fantasy, alright, to think that Americans
might have the sense to clarify the Second Amendment,
making the ownership of guns a very restricted/regulated
proposition....although a careful reading of this
amendment already seems to qualify arms ownership.

Licensing guns and their owners is inadequate to the
goal of less murder/mayhem. "Conceal and carry" is one
of the most irresponsible ideas/denials of average human
reality I can think of: what about klutzes? Such gun-hiding
hapless folk have already inadvertently injured others.
More killed in the heat of the moment? "Oh, I might not
have done it if I hadn't been packing", etc.

Why stop at mere gun ownership? In a new amendment there
wisely would be language restricting arms sales to
other nations, profitable as that is. Gun shows allowed
only for hunters, law enforcement and the military might
thin the rolls of innocents suddenly dead.

But bullies are more numerous than one likes to admit,
and many of them, being cowards, only feel truly powerful
toting a gun. As anger and extremism march forward in
America, look for more calls to weaken gun control laws.

Meanwhile, I look to the day when we amend our document
so that the routine violence America is so widely known
for becomes remarkably less significant.

Future fantasy or forever fiction? --Maybe.
But a civilized country could do it.


  1. Amber, my friend, it's the "civilized" part that is troublesome. Hope you are having a lovely winter. Been really easy on us thus far here in the holler and we are grateful. The pony is still too fat from last summer but is coming down a bit since the cold weather rolled in to town. You would like him. Born rebellious & ain't calmed down a whit.

  2. Cletis my friend, good to hear from you.
    I hope you and yours are reasonably well (--and like your pony, not fat but
    frisky!) I swear, one day I'd like to
    come down to the holler (especially if
    it's anywhere near the Smokies) and
    finally see that beautiful part of the

    On to a better year in 2012, despite all
    that worry talk on our blogs. Keep up the good work!
    Best Wishes, A.

  3. Welcome, Chicago Dan! I'm really looking forward to the blog you're on the verge of creating. It'll be fun visiting back and forth.
    Check out the people in the photos
    near yours-all alert, interesting and
    concerned folk.
    See you soon, Best Wishes, A.

  4. While helping out an older gentleman from the neighborhood, I drove him to a few gun shops. It was where he felt at home? ~99% of the people I met there were mostly harmless, but that 1% convinced me that any barrier we can possibly construct to keep them from obtaining any weaponry was worth the inconvenience to the rest of us.

    The person who came in for a replacement handgun because they "misplaced" theirs was by far the clincher. The store owner said it was the fourth time she had "lost" a weapon and he was reluctant to sell her another.

    She went all 2nd on him until he stroked the Remington pump behind the counter and asked her politely to leave his shop. She stomped out cussing. I'm sure the next shop she went to was only too happy to fill her order.

    The owner told great stories of his time in business and dealing with "law-abiding citizens" who just plain creeped him out.
    He said he tries real hard to do his own screening and flat refuses some sales.

    I'd put him in charge of gun control in a heartbeat. His shop is closed now and he's retired to Arizona.

    It's always that 1% that makes it complicated.

  5. Dear B,

    This is an amazing comment....have you written
    this up for your own blog? I know you have
    privacy concerns, but a bit of editing could
    render it safe and still important.

    Hope you and yours had a nice holiday, in spite of (actually, TO SPITE) the BS "twirling" around us.
    Best, A.

  6. Welcome, Nate Klein, I'm so happy you've joined
    these smart, concerned and articulate
    folk whose photos are grouped near yours here.

    I'll go over to your site, looking forward to it! Hope your holidays were fine.

    Please comment soon, not only when you agree, but when you don't.
    Best Wishes, A.

  7. You make a lot of good points Amber! I can only hope that one day this will actually happen.